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How To Customize System UI & Animations Using XuiMod Module : Xposed Series [1]

Welcome guys! After a brief introduction to the Xposed Framework in my previous post, now we are going to start the first part of this series. We will see an in-depth overview of XuiMod, a well-known Xposed Module, its working & functionalities.

With this XuiMod module, you get freaking options to customize the Status bar Clock, various animations & Battery Bar with many cool features! 🙂

I’ve listed all the features of XuiMod below:

  • Seconds in StatusBar Clock (eg. 10:59:59am)
    (Customizable with SimpleDateFormat, Boldable and Option for Upercase/Lowercase )
  • Customizable color for Battery Percentages (20% interval)
  • BatteryBar
  • Xylon Transitions Animation
  • TokoROM Animations
  • Xperia Z1 Transitions Animation
  • TN Transitions Animation
  • AOKP Animation Controls
  • Custom IME Animations
  • ListView Animation
  • Custom Toast Animations
  • Custom Notification Ticker Animations
  • ListView persistent cache
  • Blacklist Apps from using ListView Animation
  • Lockscreen Torch
  • Volume Disable in Lockscreen
  • Randomized Quick Settings Tile Color (for Android 4.2 and above only)
  • Classic Recents / Gingerbread App Switcher

You can download this module directly form here, or by searching in the Download Section of the framework by XuiMod keyword. Grant the root permissions & move on!

You can read the description in Download Section too, as shown below:

You can alternatively download too, by sliding to the Versions tab.

Now, lets dip into the app ! Once you open the app, you can view the following:

You can tweak the system UI with Clock Mods, Batterybar Mod & Notification Mods.

In Animation, you have different to deal with, including, ListView, System, IME, Toast, Ticker.

Also there are Lockscreen Mods, Scrolling Mod & other mods.

Clock Mods

In Clock Mods, you can play around with the clock display.

You can set the size of clock as shown below:

You can set your own custom format too.

BatteryBar Mod

In BatteryBar mod, you can customize the battery bar in status bar of your Android with the XuiMod features.

You can set the Bar Height as shown below, of the Battery Icon.

This one is amazing! You can allocate different colors on particular intervals of the battery ranges.

For e.g, you can have it set Red for below 20% & Green For 100%.

You can chose the position of BatteryBar as you wish, top or bottom of Status or Navigation Bar. 🙂


ListView Animations

You can preview the changes made by Test ListView option.

You have plenty of effects to chose from!

System Animation

You can tweak Window Transitions & Animation Controls in this section.

You can control the system transitions in Animation Controls.

This Window Transitions feature is very cool to experiment with!

IME Animations

You can control the IME Animations as shown in screenshots.

Toast Animation

You can customize the Toast Enter & Exit Animation from the different given effects.

Ticker Animation


Lockscreen Mods

In this section, you have some good options to play with.

You may Disable the Volume keys in the Lock mode.

The buttons can be set as per our convenience for the Torch.

Scrolling Mod

Other Mods

So, That’s it for this article! Hope you would liked it! Read the next part of Xposed Series on XStana Module too.

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