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Windows or Linux ? Which Is Better? : Read This Guide

I got to know that People are in dilemma Whether to use Windows or Linux .
This is the Article Which Clear Their Doubts and helps them choosing the Operatin System Based on their Requirements.


It is an operating system that sits under the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and transmitting these requests to the computer’s hardware. This was first released for public use in 1991. The biggest achievement for Linux is that it is a multiuser OS and its Security and stability is better than Windows.


It is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. This was first released as a part of Disk operating System (DOS) in the year of 1985. At that time Apple’s Macintosh was a very popular OS, as it introduced GUI to the world.

When it comes to comparison both has their own pros and cons, so check the comparison below and figure it out by yourself which one is better from one another.


Windows Operating System

It is present everywhere and can be called many things, but ‘lightweight and speedy’ is not one of them.

Windows has a regrettable tendency towards bloating and slowness, and can very quickly feel outdated if not properly retained.

Linux Operating System

It is much quicker, on the whole.

The OS itself is less demanding, and many distros sacrifice any visual bells and whistles to make sure that performance is the completely best it can be.

Selecting one of these can be an excellent way to bring a poorly older laptop back up in to its former speed.

Many times users of Windows OS face the Black Screen, caused by the stoppage of the system to respond, and eventually the user has to manually restart the PC. This is very annoying for the user since they may lose valuable data.

On the other hand, Linux is very steady and more secure than Windows.

As Linux is community driven, developed through people collaboration and supervised constantly by the developers from every corner of the earth, any new problem hoist can be solved within few hours and the essential piece can be set at the same time.

Moreover Linux is based on the UNIX architecture which is a multi user OS, so it is much more constant than single user OS Windows.

Number of users


As per the record there are many windows operating systems considered as single users and multi users.

Windows XP, 7 are single users.

Multi users comprise of Windows NT.

There can be many users logged in the operating system but one can use it once at a time.


Has a plus point that many users can be logged into the system at the same time.

SSH (Secure Shell security) is used in this process.

This SSH allows a user sitting somewhere else to log in to computer.

Processor’s capability is disseminated amongst the users.

In this way many users can access the resources at the same time

Open Source

Windows doesn’t give facility to the users to alter the source code whereas Linux gives capability to the users to alter the source code.


Windows supports file formats FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT while Linux supports wide variety of file formats like Xfs, Btrfs, FAT, FAT32, Ext2.

In terms of security

Windows has reported more than 70,000 viruses are being reported till date whereas in Linux there are 80-100 viruses is reported till date.


Windows is paid while there are no charges for Linux.


Easiness of users is one of the main marketing features of Windows OS.

Well, in case of Linux it is little less user friendly than Windows OS.


I Hope this article aid you in Choosing Operating System.

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Happy Hacking!!


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