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What is TOR?

What is TOR?

What is TOR? How to use it for being Anonymous? Is it really safe?

Everyone knows about Firefox, Chrome, Opera mini etc. They are Browsers. They are designed for normal people.
Now let’s know What is TOR?
Everyone knows about the massive amount of Data available on the internet.
There is another type (loosely speaking) of the internet called Deep Web which is approximately 550 times bigger than internet but you cant access it with normal Browsers.
You need TOR Browser for that.
And TOR is not just for accessing Deep Web, It has other Special Powers too.
Like, it transfers the information to you through other computers which makes it hard to trace you.
Layers of these computers are called TOR Relays.

What is TOR?

So let us talk about advantages and disadvantages of TOR:


1) You can browse the Deep Web with it.
2) Script Kiddies (People with some hacking tools and think they are a hacker) cant hack you because they don’t even know that you are there.
3) Your data is data is encrypted (Almost like VPN) so if you are doing everything (we will talk about that later) then they cant sniff your data.
You are not vulnerable to MITM attack anymore.
4) It hides your IP and makes it HARDER (just HARDER) to trace you.


1) Because it the data travels through many computers around the world (To make you Anonymous) it doesn’t give High Speed as your normal browser.
2) Deep Web has illegal stuff too, like child pornography, drugs and arms dealing and Black Hat Forums. Click here to know more on DEEP WEB.
So if NSA (National Security Agency) starts to investigate then you will the Red Mark on the map saying “Hey NSA! I am the Bad Guy.”
NSA can track us even with TOR?
Have patience and keep reading

Should I use TOR?

Look, If you want to hide the history of porn you watched from your friends and Family then TOR is not for you, Use incognito Browsing instead.
If you want to be Anonymous then its the only browser that can help.
Some adjustments are needed to achieve maximum anonymity though.

My request to Newbies: Don’t use it.
Gain knowledge first or you will be in Prison.

Beginners: Use a Live CD to use tor with add-ons/plugins disabled because they can blow the cover. If you are the windows guy (You should not) then dual boot another window OS and don’t install anything, just use it for TOR. Disable everything that uses the internet like IE, Windows update, Plugins etc.


Its trusted by many for anonymity but there are some people who say that TOR is broken and NSA is keeping an eye on it.
So, use it at your own risk.


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