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Ways to Become an Ethical Hacker

Most of us only know that hacking is the unauthorised way of accessing information, and it affects computer system by exploiting networks or identifying weaknesses. But, there are different types of hackers, some are ethical and some are unethical.  An unethical hacker uses hacking knowledge to break into the system or network to gain profit from the victim. Whereas, ethical hackers use their skills to prevent and recover any system that is compromised by any malware, threat or by a hacker.

Require Skills for becoming an ethical hacker

These days, government-related organisation and companies are very concerned about their data and network security. Due to this concern, they hire an ethical hacker because these types of hacker legally hack the system. They also improve application, network and other systems for preventing it from any data theft and fraud by hackers.

So, to become a certified ethical hacker the following ways will help you:

  • Programming

The programming is an essential thing that you need to understand first. In any IT organisation, programmer and developer play an important role in the development of software and websites. So, it is also essential to secure their hard work with better security. To provide security, the role of security analyst comes handy. The security analyst analyses programs and websites for any flaws. The analysis helps the programmer in making their program and websites more secure, and to perform this analysis, it is crucial that the security analyst must have good knowledge about programming.

  • Ethical Hacking Training

It is one of the effective ways which leads you to the path of becoming an ethical hacker. The course helps you in grabbing knowledge regarding the ethical hacking. With this, the course also provides you with Ethical Hacking Training. The ethical hacking training can provide you with certification and make you CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker). Though it doesn’t cost you much, you may need to pay a minimal amount to become a CEH.

  • Networking

To become an ethical hacker, the knowledge of network security is also important. It is necessary that an ethical hacker can efficiently discover flaws in the security of the network. It is essential because network security directly points toward the threat and attacks that come from the internet. In case, there was no security on the network than it might compromise your personal information like passwords, bank credentials, etc. So, it is necessary for an ethical hacker to have networking knowledge.

  • Linux/Unix

If you looking forward to becoming an ethical hacker, then understanding about the Linux/Unix is really important. The Linux is a very efficient operating system, and it is open source that means any person can use it for free. Even, Linux not only secured by a few bunches of programmers in headquarters but also secured by an individual at any time.

  • One language is never enough

If you want to be a hacker of any type, it is necessary for you to understand that one programming language is never enough for you. Here I focused on ethical hacking; if you want to become an excellent ethical hacker, then it is important for you to put your hands on more than one programming language. The more programming language you know, the better ethical hacker you will be.

  • Perfection comes from doing Practical

After you learn a few concepts of ethical hacking, start practising them. Theoretical knowledge alone doesn’t make you perfect. So, build your lab and start practising your knowledge. Moreover, to perform the particle, it is also necessary for your system to have good RAM, powerful processor.

Final Advice

If you want to achieve success in the field of ethical hacking, continuous learning and proper practising are important. Other than this, keeping yourself updated with various security changes. By doing this, you can achieve success in the world of hacking and become a certified ethical hacker.


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