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How To Use Maltego For Information Gathering Purpose ? : Complete Tutorial


In this article, we will be utilizing a dynamic device called Maltego

Reconnaissance attack can be dynamic or latent.

It is an endeavor to pick up data about focused PCs or systems that can be utilized as a preparatory stride toward a further assault trying to abuse the objective framework.

Dynamic observation includes port sweeps and OS examines, while detached surveillance depends on sniffing standard host movement so as to pick up data about its capacities and vulnerabilities.

Passive reconnaissance

Programmer begins searching for data in DNS and whois databases, when he knows the space that is enrolled to the objective framework he can utilize summons like nslookup, burrow and whois to get a lot of data about the objective.

Such data is not identified with casualty area and is quite recently facilitated in greater ISP datacenter so we are not going to filter all scope of IP addresses however simply utilize IP’s of email and DNS and web server and dispatch dynamic observation to the objective framework.

Active reconnaissance

Dynamic observation can begin with apparatuses that really send parcels to find target framework.

One of the devices that can be utilized is traceroute to discover IP locations of switches and firewalls that ensure casualty has.

In the event that something like a firewall pieces UDP bundles along the way, we can utilize tcp traceroute instrument to do a similar sort of observation when an assailant has this data he can utilize more advanced apparatuses like nmap and hping to perform dynamic surveillance assault on a casualty.


It is created by Paterva, that can do huge numbers of these undertakings with one straightforward output.

There is a group release (CE) incorporated with our Kali Linux that permits us 12 checks without acquiring Maltego (about $300/year).

It is equipped for a lot of data assembling about a planned focus in a solitary compass of the space.


Maltego can accumulate data from open source data assembling between the accompanying substances;

  • Individuals.
  • Names.
  • Email addresses.
  • False names.
  • Gatherings of individuals (informal organizations).
  • Organizations.
  • Associations.
  • Sites.
  • Web framework, for example,
  • Spaces.
  • DNS names.
  • Netblocks.
  • IP addresses.
  • Affiliations.
  • Records and documents.


Other than programmers and data security architects, Maltego and instruments like Maltego, are utilized by the NSA and other legislative elements.

Along these lines, they can track potential psychological militants and different dangers.

For example, if NSA finds a telephone call from a man in the U.S. to a known psychological militant in another nation, they would then be able to utilize Maltego or different devices to locate that person’s numerous associations on the web.

This would then be able to prompt focused on reconnaissance of potential dangers.

Maltego Client Requirements

Working System :

Maltego deals with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Linux (different circulations) and also OS X.

As Maltego is Java construct it should work in light of most working frameworks.

Software Requirements

Maltego utilizes Java variant 8, and requires Java 1.8 or more prominent to be introduced which is accessible for most prevalent working frameworks.

It is prescribed to utilize the Oracle form of Java and keep it refreshed with the most recent discharge.

Note: You require Java 1.8 introduced on your machine to utilize Maltego.

Working of Maltego in Windows

1.Downlaod and Install Maltego from its official website based on your Operating System. Link here.


2.After Maltego is downloaded successfully then run it as Administrator


3.At the time of Installation , you’ll be asked to enter the registered details there!! if you are not registered then just click register yourself link at the top.

4.after the successfull installation you will see like:

5.To Find out the Information of any victim or any oraganisation , you can do it in many ways. just click the new graph option. you can see in below screenshot


6.In my case I selected domain search in which i wanted to know about infosys and I entered there.
you can select as your wish.

7.Now you have given one domain name and right click on it and you find all transforms there
just click that that will lead you to all the available information that can find.


8.Thats it you got the info in the graph manner and if you zoom into that you can actually see the memebers mail addresses and also with their phone numbers.


Like these you can search using the facebook names and many more.

Maltego is the best tool available for Information Gathering.

So just try it and let me know your experience in the comment section below

I hope this article helps you and this article is only for educational purpose and we are not responsible for any damage that you do.

Happy Hacking…..



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