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How To Track An Email?!

How To Track An Email?!

You know we can actually know trace our email!! when you search for it in web , you may get different options which most of them don’t work !!
That’s why I wanted to provide you the right and best way to track an email.. why late? Let’s jump into it then!!

Email tracking allow you to track an email and extract information like such as sender’s identity,mail server,sender’s IP address,etc.

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You can use the extracted information to attack the target’s organization system by sending malicious emails.

How to track an email?

Here is the detailed guide how to trace an email:

1) Go to Google and search for www.cyberforensics.in

2) Here go to E-mail Tracer.Here you will require the E-mail Header

How email tracking works?

Extracting Email Headers

Email header is the information contained in every mail message which is used by mail programs to provide the user with a summary of the origin and contents of each message.

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  • Log into Outlook.com.
  • Click on the message that you are getting the headers for.
  • Click on the down arrow adjacent to the Reply link in the upper-right corner of the email message.
  • Click View message source.

Yahoo Mail

  • Log into your Yahoo! Mail and go to the message.
  • Click the “More” icon above the message near the Delete and Spam buttons.
  • Select ” View Raw Message ” from the menu that appears


  • Log into your Gmail Account.
  • Open the Email whose headers you want to view.
  • Click the down arrow adjascent to the Reply link in the upper-right corner of the message.
  • Click Show Original.

Click on Copy to Clipboard

 3)Now go back to cyberforensics tab 

4)There you will see the section named as Paste Email Header here

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5)Paste here the thing that you have already copied.

How to trace an email?6)Click on Start Tracing


Email Tracking

Also there are many other tools available for Email Tracing. Some of them are listed below:

1) E-mailTrackerPro


3)Email Lookup- Free Email Tracer

4)Read Notify






10)G-Lock Analytics

Thank you for reading this article how to track an email!!.

Hope you would have definitely benefited from it.

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