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Top 20 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch For Beginners In 2022

Hacking, that’s fascinating to hear right? And even more fascinating to see it worth happening. But now the trivia is when we know hacking is too hard or something not a common’s cup of tea, we regret & sit back. Thinking that, Ethical hacking is difficult, only talented or smart brains can do. And furthermore, it requires huge resources & time. If you think that boy, you’re wrong! You really need these top 20 Best Websites to learn Ethical Hacking.

Today, in this article we are going to show you those amazing ways, cool doors to learn hacking as you’d wished & dream like! Isn’t that amazing? So let’s move on to explore some really cool websites that can help you learn Ethical Hacking in a simple & friendly manner, and yeah not requiring a penny or two!

Top 20 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking For Beginners

1. HackeRoyale

HackeRoyale, yeah, you’re already here! Well, being frank, HackeRoyale (HR) has a complete collection of 170 best hacking articles that can make your life easy. Yes, by that I mean we have all major articles covered on HR which are supposed to be the ingredient of Ethical Hacking course. Every article is perfectly explained step-by-step & a generic robust manner. An average person can also understand this with a very little prior knowledge. Either way, if you like to explore for a certain category you can browse through the menu or the drop-down in sidebar. You can also search for an article using specific word in our search feature. You can search anywhere in our site, using the Search widget in the right sidebar of this article at the top.

Also, HackeRoyale has been awarded as TOP 75 HACKER BLOG ON EARTH.

2. Hacking Tutorials

top websites to learn hacking

This is another best place to learn hacking. The cool thing here is you can find an option to download the article in PDF format. Also, the articles are described step-by-step with practical demos. It is said to be biggest online hacking learning platform,  where even an average guy can learn & understand through the guides.

3. Hack This Site

top websites to learn ethical hacking

The beauty of Hack This Site (HTS) is its 101% practical approach towards hacking. Here, you can not only find the best tutorials but also practice tasks & challenges for your real-time learning. isn’t that amazing?

There are many challenges you can try out. These challenges has several levels to complete on which further levels & achievements are unlocked.

4. EvilZone

EvilZone is one of the sites to learn hacking. Besides it has a large forum where you can find answers to many of your questions. You’ll find experts & newbies both here. Its a good platform to share & learn hacking together.

The forum has many capabilities & features, such as divided categories for chats & discussions, membership levels, comment sections etc.

5. Cybrary

Cybraby is a big Ethical Hacking, Penetration testing & cyber security community. It offers wide range of free courses, micro-certification courses, good articles & other information.

The tutorials are good and taught by leading cyber security professionals in industry. Here, for transactions, Cybrary has its own Cybytes as a currency. That is a cool feature too.

Others Sites of Interest

  • EC-Council
  • Hack in the box
  • Break The Security
  • Offensive Security
  • NullBytes
  • Hacking Loops
  • From Dev
  • Hackaday
  • Metasploit
  • Hellbound Hackers
  • HackersHandbook
  • SecTools
  • Packet Storm Security
  • GoHacking
  • Security Tube


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