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The Complete Security Guide for PDF files

pdf security

The most popular way to protect your PDF file is through encryption, but there are other sophisticated methods that can increase the security of your document. Read further, as we reveal the additional controls you have in our complete security guide.

The additional protection can be added digital rights management controls, password, copy protection or the well-known encryption. Your protection depends solely on the methods you decide to implement. That’s why it’s highly suggested to add all controls recommended here to ensure that you’ve done everything you can for your sake.

PDF security consists of four main elements. First of all, documents must have a reliable password, which would impose digital rights management controls on other users.

Normally, you can never stop a person from rewriting the information from the file singlehandedly, as you cannot stop someone from recording a song while listening to the original somewhere. So, you need to make a file that people have access to, but cannot be used without some other information.

That’s where the encryption of the file comes in handy, because it makes the file useless without the decryption key. In this case, you must ensure that the cryptographic key can’t be passed to other people. This means that you have to make sure it’s hidden well onto a separate computer or somewhere else. In case you’re wondering how to protect your file, head to Soda PDF’s online protection.

Why would I want to secure my documents

Every individual requires privacy in his everyday life and PDF documents often deal with sensitive information that requires protection beyond what encryption provides.

Moreover, you would want to have control over your files once they’ve been decrypted. Also, the information can be privileged to certain people you know or you just don’t want someone to gain financial benefits from you. Whatever the reason is, you’ll surely need to use all methods available to guarantee your privacy.

How to secure my documents?

Above, we’ve mentioned the four essential components that you need to implement quickly. Note that, even If you’ve bought Adobe Acrobat, there are tools on the net that can remove all copy controls seamlessly.

That’s why it’s better to purchase a well-known product that provides extra protection such as the sodapdf.com. Products like these will prevent unauthorized copying, modifying and distribution of the information that belongs to you. Share your files securely without bearing in mind whether they will end up in the wrong hands.

The digital rights management controls were added by Adobe as additional protection for users. The popularity of the software has made it mandatory that extra protection is required by most of us. These are basically the controls added by Adobe throughout the years due to the necessity.

So, if you want to ensure that no information leaks. You have to make sure that all controls have been implemented and that the file is accessible only to a small circle of individuals. It is suggested not to upload the file on public networks because someone will crack it eventually.


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