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Need To Spy On Texts Without Installing Hardware? No Problem, Use Cocospy

The rapid growth of technology has allowed us to communicate with a single touch on our smart devices easily. However, with human interactions, trust can become an issue. Sometimes doubt can arise due to certain changes in relationships forcing one to take drastic action. Whether it is a spouse, child or worker, there may come a time when you need to monitor what the other person is doing, by seeing what content they have in their texts.

Most people will shy away from installing apps on their smart devices due to Malware. It also becomes difficult to install the apps on the other person’s phone without physically obtaining it, and very few people would be agreeable to having their phones monitored. Think about your teen or significant other readily handing the phone over to you to install a tracking app, really unlikely right?

Don’t fret though; we will let you in on how to spy on text messages without installing software using Cocospy.

PC World, New York Times, Forbes; these are just a few companies that have recognized the superiority of Cocospy as a mobile phone tracker app. The app allows for phone monitoring and gives you information on phone use for things like messages, calls, and social media usage among others.

The Cocospy Phone Locator allows you to track the location of mobile devices and will give you real-time information on exactly where the target is at all times.

Can you spy on text messages without installing hardware on the target phone?

The answer is a resounding YES! Spying on text messages without installing software is possible. Using the Cocospy iOS non-jailbreak solution, you can intercept incoming messages without needing to install the app on your smart device. Cocospy iOS non-jailbreak solution is easy to use and is compatible with iOS 7 to current iPhones.

 The Cocospy iOS non-jailbreak solution will allow you to:-

  • Monitor the location of whoever you are tracking in real time.
  • The Track SMS feature will allow you to see SMS’s as well as contact information of the sender.
  • Track calls feature will give you access to all call information; whether incoming or outgoing. It will also tell you the length of the calls, the contact name and number, and how frequently a particular number calls the target phone.
  • You also get to monitor all the social media platforms, any installed apps among others.
  • The app will let you see any videos or images on the target phone.
  • It has remote monitoring of the lines, allowing you to see any activities that may be potentially harmful like bullying, leaking of company secrets among others.
  • You also have access to the browser history and can keep track of the sites your children visit.
  • The notes and calendars section will allow you to know who your kids, significant other or employees are meeting.

How does it work?

The process is very easy, sign up to Cocospy using your email address. You will need to get a personal password which you should not share with anyone. Without installing any app, add the iCloud information of the phone you want to monitor. You have the unique Cocospy feature of not needing to jailbreak or root your phone; no other mobile tracker in the market has this feature.

Once you complete the steps above, log onto our account using any browser, and use the dashboard to get access to whatever is happening on the target phone.

Why is it important to spy covertly?

Covert spying may sound unattractive and invasive to some people, but sometimes it needs to be done. There are various reasons why someone would take this drastic step.

  • Protect your kids from worldly dangers

While we are not saying the having spyware is the ‘be all end all’ when it comes to protecting your children, it is, however, an important first step. When you can track calls, SMS’s, browsing history among others; it will give you a good idea about who your kids are communicating with.

The world has many bullies, predators, scammers among others. There is also the real danger of private data posting, scams & malware and phishing, among others. You can only protect your children from such danger if you are aware of their activities online and on their mobile devices.

  • Protect your business

One of the biggest challenges facing most business owners is the leaking of confidential information to competitors. Securing information is an important security feature that a business owner cannot ignore. Catching an employee in the act will save you from liability if you need to dismiss them summarily, and will help you know which employees you need to keep in your organization.

By having access to their phones, you can keep track of who and what they talk about. You have the discretion of not listening in on private personal conversations.

  • Protect your relationship

While some people may argue that you should never spy on your significant other’s phone, sometimes getting important information early on can save you a lot of heartache. If for instance, you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, would it not benefit you immensely if you would have information that corroborates your doubts?

What if your spouse is going through a rough patch and does not know how to tell you? Having access to their mobile conversations can give you the necessary tools to help them cope with the situation.

Be careful though; sometimes you will need to draw the line on how far you want to go with this. Remember, unlike the kids, this is an adult you are dealing with, and you, therefore, need to tread carefully.

Final thoughts

To be able to spy on text messages without installing any apps, you will need the iCloud information of your target. The Cocospy iOS non-jailbreak solution is only available for iPhones. 

For Android phones, you will need to install the spy app on the target phone.  No rooting is necessary, and if you go for the premium package, you will get additional features like Social media monitoring and, Geofence alerts.


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