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How To Make Dictionary And Password Cracking List Using Crunch ?


For Suppose you want to crack someone’s password and wanted to crosscheck his password with password’s list that you have created , the first step will be creating the word list and how to do that? this is what you are going to know in this article about Crunch

Word lists  are a key piece of Brute Force Passwords assaults.

savage drive secret key assault is an assault in which an aggressor utilizes a script to more than once endeavor to sign into a record until the point that they get a positive outcome

Animal compel assaults are genuinely plain and can make an appropriately designed server bolt out an aggressor or their IP.

Kali Linux accompanies a capable apparatus for making word arrangements of any length.

It’s a basic summon line utility called Crunch.

It has basic grammar and can without much of a stretch be changed in accordance with suit your necessities. Be careful, however, these rundowns can be expansive and can without much of a stretch fill a whole hard drive.


It is a wordlist generator where you can determine a standard character set or a character set you indicate.

It can create every single conceivable mix and stages.


  • Crunch creates wordlists in both mix and stage ways 
  • it would breakup be able to yield by number of lines or record measure 
  • presently has continue bolster 
  • design now underpins number and images 
  • design now underpins upper and lower case characters independently 
  • includes a status report while producing numerous documents 
  • new – l alternative for exacting help of @,%^ 
  • new – d alternative to constrain copy characters see man petition for points of interest 
  • presently has unicode bolster

How to create a wordlist using Crunch

1.Go to your Kali machine and type crunch in the terminal

2.To create a wordlist type inthe following command

Cruch <min> <max> <charset> -t <pattern> -o <filename.lst>

<min> = min of number of characters to begin wordlist from

<max> =maximum number of characters to stop wordlist at

<charset> = the characters you need to give on wordlist

<pattern> =(optional) on the off chance that you need make the word rundown of telephone numbers you can keep +91@@@@@@@@@@ so the wordlist begins with +91 at the outset .

<fileman.lst> = name of the record u need to spare as .lst

The command looks like :

crunch 13 13 1234567890 -t +91@@@@@@@@@@ -o bigwordlist.lst

In the above illustration we indicated 5 least and 5 most extreme numbers in our first contention.

So our base and most extreme numbers will be 5.

Second contention numbers from 0 to 9 implies crunch will utilize numbers from 0 to 9 to produce all the conceivable blends 5 numbers

When you hit enter you will see it begins producing combinations.So by checking yield you will comprehend it better.

3.We must supply – o contention with way where you need to spare word list.

Command looks like :


That’s it. you have created password list of your own using crunch
You can view that list in leafpad

I hope this Article Helps you.

Thankyou for reading this Article!

Happy Hacking…..




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