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How To Hack An iPhone Free Without Jailbreak 2022 [iPhone hacks & tricks]

How To Hack An iPhone Free Without Jailbreak 2018 [iPhone hacks & tricks]

If you are reading this, you maybe an owner of Apple iPhone and you are tired of the annoying restrictions the phone has. We will guide you through best cool iPhone hacks & tricks, secrets codes, for all different iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, X!

You are unable to unlock your carrier-locked phone or you cannot customize your own device. Connectivity to other devices is troublesome and free app services are limited. Well, iPhone users know the pain to change the ringtone.

Or, you simply are curious about the security of an iPhone, you want to play around and look for something you really can’t. Well, iPhone is a complicated device for sure, nothing comes easy, not even hacking.

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For most of these, iOS jailbreaking seems to be the ideal solution. It is similar to rooting an android device. iOS jailbreaking is used to remove software restrictions on the device by gaining root access. This allows users to download and install additional applications, themes and extensions, explore the iFile file-system, free-up space using iCleaner, customize shortcuts and what not.

Once an iPhone is jailbreaked, a new application called Cydia is installed on the phone. Cydia is just like an App Store from where you can get custom third-party applications after you jailbreak. Cydia is the place where the user can download, install, and manage everything for the jailbroken device.

But is jailbreaking safe? Apple devices are very secure otherwise but jailbreaking the device makes them prone to security threats. By gaining the file system access, malware, worms, spyware can be injected through many malicious applications or tweaks. This can lead to not only a completely non-responsive device but also compromised bank transactions have been reported.

Of course you don’t want to risk your phone like that, you would rather use your phone the way it is. But what if there were ways to help you without compromising your precious phone? Well, this article is your one stop shop for knowing various hacks and hacking methods for an iPhone device.

iPhone hacks & tricks (2022) – iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, X

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  1. Activating an iPhone without a sim-card

Unlike other phones, an iPhone cannot be used without a sim card inserted in it. But what if you must? Well, you still can overcome this flaw. Let’s see how.

You can use the Emergency Call option. Here it is:

As soon as the device powers on and you get the “No Sim Card Inserted” message, press the home button to place an emergency call to 112 or 999 and disconnect as soon as it dials. Overcome the pop-ups saying cancel and end the call and your iPhone is activated and you will see your home screen.

You can also activate your phone without sim or Wi-Fi using iTunes on your computer.

Just install the latest iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone to your PC.

Once it detects your phone, just select the option “Set up as new iPhone”.

Then tap on the Continue button on iTunes. Simply set up as new iPhone and then you will be redirected to “Sync with iTunes” screen.

Just click on the “Get Started” option and then “Sync” and wait for some time until the process completes.

  1. Downloading cracked apps

One of the major issues iPhone users face is the paid applications. Although the amount doesn’t seem huge but on an average iPhone users spend around $9.60 per month on applications and in-app purchases.

If jailbreaking is not an option how can one save these expenses? Well there are options for users who wish to download the unpaid cracked versions of iOS applications without a jailbreak. All you need is a Safari browser.

Some hackers have developed tools that you can use to install cracked versions. They are just like Cydia but can be installed from their websites using Safari browser and installing them internally. vShare and Tongbu are a couple of websites you can try.

These app stores will have cracked versions of applications, but remember you won’t be receiving the official updates from original applications.

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There are sure some added features but these too aren’t safe. But if you are curious to try, look up for some legit website with a no jailbreak app store for cracked apps.

  1. Customizing your iPhone Themes

iPhone has one basic theme that is the least customizable. That can get boring sometimes. It’s always good to be able to change the look and feel of your phone.

After all, it’s your phone. Well, there are still a lot of online tools that allow you to change the icons, change transitions between app pages and rename applications.

The online theme engines like SwiftlyThemes, iSkin and many such online theme and icon generators are available.

All you need to do is visit the sites and select themes or customize them and download them. They might ask you to install a theme and settings and enter your passcode proceed.

These will usually generate the new icons, and will not replace the original ones. But you can always hide the original icons in some folder in a corner. And you have new icons.

For animations and transitions, you can always turn them on or off in settings for Reduced Motion.

  1. iPhone secrets codes

Some hacks do some handy, like a set of secret codes.

No they won’t really transform your phone or anything but they will help you use some hidden features making it easier to use your iPhone. No need of any tool, your phone’s dialer is enough.

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  • Block outgoing calls from your phone *#31# + call. You can also block calls to a specific number *#31#<Phone-number> + call. No drunk dialing your ex the next time.
  • Get Field mode to view signal strengths in an area. It will display a number. The closer it is to 0, the better signal strength you have. What to do? Just press *3001#12345#* and then press call.
  • Toggle call waiting enter code *42# and hit call button. No more beeps during a conference call.
  • *#06# gives you the IMEI number of your phone.
  • *3370#will enhance call quality, but it might take extra toll on your battery.
  • *#33# can check call control bars, and check if barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing.
  • *#31# allows you to hide your number.
  1. Change Ringtone without using iTunes

Changing a ringtone is really not so simple. You have to use iTunes and if you need a custom ringtone, you have to dig through file conversions.

So how can you change a ringtone without iTunes, or even a Laptop or a Mac?

You can use GarageBand to do that. Here’s how:

  • Get the music track and save it to iCloud Drive
  • Start the GarageBand app, and navigate to audio recorder. Once you are in, just disable the metronome(triangular) icon.
  • Tap on the wall icon on the top-left to set the track.
  • Import your tracks by clicking on the loop shaped icon on the upper right corner. On prompt, select the tab Audio Files. Choose your audio from iCloud or iTunes.
  • Clip and Trim the track as per your convenience.
  • To save the song, tap on Options and select My Songs. This will save current track.
  • Now, long tap on the song till you see options at the top. Select Share>Ringtone>Name it and tap on export.
  • Just choose the standard iPhone ringtones in the settings and you are done! Viola!
  1. By passing iPhone Passcode

You are used to unlock your phone with fingerprint sensor and now after a long time you are asked to enter your passcode that is long forgotten and you never thought you should write it down somewhere.

What should you do next?


Well you haven’t backed up in a while and it might lead to some serious data loss. Plus, you will have to wait for iTunes to update and install the updates.

Siri can help you with it if you are running on iOS 8-10. Well, she won’t spell out your passcode for you but she can be quite vulnerable. Here’s how:

  • Activate Siri by pressing the Home button.
  • Ask Siri to display the local time. “Hey Siri, What’s the time?”
  • When Siri displays the local time, tap on the clock icon which will display World Clock menu. Click on the “+” icon to add a new clock
  • Type out some random characters, select the text and then share the text messaging.
  • In the “To” field type some random number and in suggestions choose the option create new contact.
  • Now you can wait for a few seconds and you can press the Home button. This should take you to the home screen and you have successfully bypassed iPhone passcode.

This only works up to iOS 10.1. You can also use iCloud but it too will require you to erase your phone. There are always a few third –party iPhone unlocking tools available across the web. Some of them will require you to purchase a License and some of them are free.

Tenorshare’s 4uKey is one of such iPhone passcode bypass tool that is simple to use. The tool will basically re-install the latest IPSW file in your phone without iTunes. The latest iPhones 8/8 Plus/X are supported by this tool. You can always give one a try.

  1. Hacking an iPhone remotely

No system is truly secure. Even though Apple takes measures to make sure their phone isn’t vulnerable to security loopholes, there still are a lot of ways these loopholes can be used to access the phone.

We already saw how Siri could be used to bypass the passcode up to iOS 10.1. There could be many such ways, and people are there to have them at their disposal to help other’s again access.

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Although it is not ethically correct, there could be reasons one wants to gain remote access to someone’s phone.

There are a lot of tools and apps that allow you to do so. They are usually paid or offer limited features as a part of a free trial.

If you have some access to the phone, you can download a third party application with a spyware on it and you can gain access to the phone.

One of such apps is Copy9 application. It can be installed and becomes a part of iOS.

This application can be downloaded on the target device and an internet enabled device where you want to hack it from.

It will enable you to view text messages, call details or even listen to conversation with some additional features like internet access control and taking a screenshot. These services are based on plans offered by them and a user can choose the suitable one.

  1. Hacking an iPhone from another iPhone

You could also hack an iPhone from another iPhone by using similar appsSpyzie is one such highly advanced and sophisticated application tool. It gives you hacked iCloud details of the target user’s account.

This tool has a web based dashboard that can let you remotely access to details like call logs, messages, browser history, WhatsApp messages, third party media, voice memos, pinpointing targets GPS location and much more.

Moreover, it doesn’t require you or the target’s phone to be jailbreaked, and it is invisible to the target.

Compatible with all the leading versions of iOS(some of the older versions might nor support certain features) and dedicated customer support, Spyzie is a paid service of $29.99 for Premium version and Unlimited for $39.99.

All you need to do is create a Spyzie account and enter target credentials to start hacking.

mSpy is another tool, in fact, one of the most recommended iPhone hacking application.

Packed with features, this app is the ultimate go to. It will work undetected in the background to track calls and their durations, GPS locations, SMS and multimedia messages, IMs like iMessage, WhatsApp and much more.

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Although this might be a little expensive for it offers these services starting at $12.50 per month, spending on this one could be worth it.

The website also offers analytical reports of target phones making it possible to track multiple phones at the same time.

Using applications like these help you access someone’s privacy, although not recommended but sometimes they prove useful.

In case you are planning to hacking into someone’s phone, make sure you are accountable to breach privacy.

So, here were some cool and some intense hacks for iPhone.

From setting up a sim to actually remotely hacking it, you can do a lot. Make sure you don’t harm yourself or others, be careful as No system is safe and you are always being watched.


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