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iKeyMonitor: Best Android Keylogger App in 2022

iKeyMonitor is a professional Android keylogger designed explicitly for monitoring Android mobile phones and tablets. This app is a breakthrough in the spy app market. It is easy to use and affordable. iKeyMonitor has a variety of features, such as tracking calls, messages, GPS locations, and online activities on social media. Besides these features, this keylogger can also block inappropriate content and applications, limit screen time, and more.

How iKeyMonitor Helps Its Users?

iKeyMonitor Android keylogger app was created for parents who care for their children, and employers and business owners who are concerned about the confidentiality of company information. It is compatible with the tablets and mobile phones which run on Android2.3 and above.

The application operates on the principle that the keylogger records all online and offline activities through the target device. After capturing the data, the app sends the data to the user’s email or uploads the date to the cloud panel. With this Android Keylogger, you can track photos, messengers, videos, browsing history, GPS locations, profiles, messages and news feeds, conversations on social media networks.

Many problems can be solved. With the help of this kind of Android keylogger, many doubts can be eliminated. Are you worried that your child is too confidential on his or her mobile phone? Are you concerned that sensitive information about your company may be leaked to your competitors? Do you doubt your employees? iKeyMonitor is the best solution for all such problems and concerns.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger

Capture Screenshots

Users can use iKeyMonitor to quickly capture screenshots of the target Android phone without rooting required. You can catch the screenshots of private browsing history, videos and photos, and many other activities.

Remotely Take Photos

Now users can remotely enable Camera on the target Android device to take photos. For parents, they can know what the kids are doing, who the kids are together with, where the kids are. If children are in danger, parents can take action to protect kids at once.

Record Keystrokes Typed

iKeyMonitor archives the keystrokes and passwords entered on the target Android device. This feature makes it easy for you to recognize what your kids have talked about online. You also know if they hide something about you, like cyberbullying.

Log Websites History

The app records websites visited on Google Chrome or Android Stock browser. By checking the website history, parents know whether kids attend some inappropriate content. Employers also know whether the employees waste time conducting non-work related activities during the working hours.

Spy Call Recorder

iKeyMonitor can monitor the call history and call recordings which happen on the target Android phone. If kids are in close contact with some bad influences, parents can know at once. If the employees use the company-offered device to leak the business information to the competitors, the boss can know soon and avoid economic loss.

Track GPS Locations

iKeyMonitor tracks the GPS location of the target phone on a preset time interval. This Android track app will track the GPS and show the coordinates of the target phone on the map.

Send Alerts by Email

This Android keylogger sends the logs straight to your email on a time interval. Users can set keywords to detect sensitive activities on the target Android device. When the keywords are triggered, iKeyMonitor will capture screenshots or log the keystrokes. These logs will be delivered to the users’ email address soon. This feature helps parents and employers detect potential dangers and take action at once.

Monitor Chats in Social Apps

This Android keylogger also monitors chats in social apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line. Due to its professional logging features, iKeyMonitor is also considered to be a good Facebook messenger spy app.

Security issues are always a top priority in the application development process. iKeyMonitor Android spy application promises operating system security and log data. It’s a good option for parents and employers who want to keep everything under control. You can register a free trial to test the features and see how it works. Welcome to share your experience and opinions about this keylogger in the following.


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