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How to stay anonymous while hacking (Part 2)

How To Stay Anonymous While Hacking (Part 2)

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Step to anonymize yourself in Kali, simple:

1) Make sure there is no IP leak. An easy way to do this is to use a software that provides a TOR service.

Example: proxychains-ng, tor, tortilla etc. Because of its ease of using I would recommend proxychains-ng and it’s also by default, configured to use TOR.

2) If you want to spoof your MAC download macchanger. Your code to execute would be:

# macchanger -r

That will give you a random MAC address; though that being said tracking someone through MAC address is super difficult and beyond the ability of most companies.

How to stay anonymous while hacking 2

3) Make sure your DNS is not leaking. An easy way to check that is to go to google and search “is my DNS leaking”. You will find a website that will require that you run a test, and the test will tell you if your DNS is leaking.

If it is and you don’t know what to do; manually configure DNS to use a public DNS (google for example – their IP address is instead of the DNS server that has been assigned to you.

If your IP is not leaking; your MAC is spoofed and details about your private DNS is not being logged.

Lastly, this part confuses me!

What are steps someone should take for maximum anonymity on Kali (while also not compromising websites used to make purchases [no tor])?

How to stay anonymous while hacking (Part 2)

By meaning not compromising websites I mean you are talking about your browsing experience;after all whether you use a TOR or not is not going to affect any operation within the website. Simply put your use of TOR is not going to affect them.

Then what you should be asking is: if anonymity could be maintained without sacrificing performance, why is it that no browsers implement every technology for make you anonymous? After all people who INTENTIONALLY want to leave a TRACEABLE FOOTPRINT around the world would be very less, if any at all.

If you want to increase anonymity, sadly, the trade-off is sacrificing efficiency. Either you get the information to come and go directly between you and whatever server you are trying to contact (full disclosure) and you will have the best possible browsing experience because it’s super efficient.

If you want anonymity you will simply tunnel your request through multiple proxies. More the number of proxies the better the security (and at the same time higher the latency making your connection slow).

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It’s a trade off and you can’t really have both efficiency and security. You simply decide which one is more important to you.

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