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How to Impress A Girl on Chat? – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Any!

How to Impress A Girl on Chat? - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Any!

Finding a girlfriend seems so difficult right? Read how to impress a girl on chat, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, Snap-chat or any social app!

Ask anyone who has experienced 20th century that how the 21st century has changed things? Most of the people would talk about technology and its influence on our lives.

This article deals in some of the best ways of how to impress a girl on chat.

And, it is true that technology has revolutionized the conventional way of sharing thoughts or experiences with others.

If you are a guy and you were born in the 90s, then you know how tough it was for you to talk to a girl.

So, you relied on indirect ways (such as looks and appearance, good grades, teachers’ favouritism, ‘cool’ fancy gadgets and many more) to impress a girl.

Fortunately, technology has eased this task for guys nowadays. You don’t have to face a girl to talk; now you can chat over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other communicating platform.

You require a higher level of confidence to face someone; you might have experienced it. But, does it make impressing a girl an easy job? NO.

How to Impress A Girl on Chat?

Impressing a girl is not a cakewalk. It doesn’t matter whether you talk to a girl in the real world or virtual world, you can’t predict the dynamic nature of girls.

But, impressing a girl on chat is relatively more comfortable. We bring you ten steps you should follow to impress a girl on chat.

  • ‘Prepare’ your profile

We all clean our house, arrange things orderly when we know that a guest would visit us, right? In the same way, you should prepare your profile (applicable for all social networking sites and communication platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.) before approaching a girl over chat.

Let’s understand the ‘preparation’ of a profile. The following are a few things that come under ‘preparation’ of a profile.

Profile picture – Add good profile pictures (with a smile). Remove other stock images, quotations, celebrity photos or any image commonly used by fake accounts which you have had used as your profile picture (in the case of Facebook). Give a face to the girl you wish to impress.

Status – Social media platforms are meant to share personal thoughts and lives with friends and family.

Avoid sharing or posting tacky quotations, lines, racial content or any other content which may harm your reputation.

You should remove such material from your Facebook wall/past tweets too.

Complete your profile – A profile consists of your interests and friends (in the case of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Don’t follow people or interests because everyone is doing so or because it would seem ‘cool’. Follow your true interests.

You never know that the girl you’d be talking might bring up that interest in your conversation. It’d be embarrassing for you then if you could not converse over the matter.

It is very likely that the girl you’d be chatting over any platform would notice your activities. Be active on the social media platform that you share.

Let her explore more about you. Your likes, dislikes, comments, shared posts, friends, stories, everything reflect something about you. Keep it in mind.

  • How to initiate?

How do you begin a conversation? If “Hi, how are you?” is your style then you are an outdated dude. You need not start a discussion unless you get a good reason to initiate it.

So, it is better to find one. Give yourself time to evaluate a particular opportunity, don’t rush.

When you have a topic to talk about, your conversation can go long. But, when you don’t have anything to discuss, then you’d end up with “Fine. Thank you. Bye!”.

Or you’d have to keep stretching it like chewing gum with “Sooo, how is this, how’s that!”. It’d be too hard for you to keep the chat going.

Acknowledge the fact that girls have a brain and they know when a guy tries to do things to get their attention.

There is no harm if a sharp-minded girl catches your intention. But, she’d give you her time only when she finds you attractive. Hence, it is vital for you to drive the conversation.

You need ‘interesting’ topics as fuel to your conversations. Here ‘interesting’ means the common interests between you and the girl.

If you share a workplace, college or school you can begin a conversation with a productive discussion on a joint assignment or task.

Be patient till you find a good reason to talk.

  • Guide the conversation but let her talk

Now, you have initiated a chat. How to keep it going?

Remember, you can’t impress a girl in a conversation of 5-10 minutes (if she’s already interested in you then that’s an exceptional case). You need long chats.

A human tends to incline towards those who are interested in him. The same psychological principle applies to girls too.

Listen to them. Don’t brag about yourself, don’t boast off anything, just listen to her.

Give your inputs only when it is required. Try to relate what the girl says with your life experiences.

Don’t try to prove yourself worse or better, don’t compare yourself to her. Appreciate things that you like while listening to her. Add expressions to your texts in your reactions.

Don’t interrupt the chat when she’s typing consistently. Usually, girls are talkative. You won’t have to do much to keep the conversation going.

But, you’d have to guide the conversation where she talks more about her than you.

  • Be honest

Impressing a girl on chat doesn’t mean to hide your views or facts from her. It is true that chatting platform masks your face but that masks should not obscure the real you.

For example, if she’s into western music and you don’t listen to western music at all, then it’d be wise to accept the difference. You can’t impress a girl by flaunting your false side.

Honesty is the best policy.

It is very accurate when you are chatting to a girl because everything that you type gets recorded.

It’d be too hard for you to change your stance in future. Moreover, girls remember small details which guys often ignore like time, day and date.

Be honest with whatever detail you share with the girl either it is your place, your schedule or your likes and dislikes.

A man chatting with his girl with total honesty

  • Reply timely

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

If you expect faster replies from the person on the other side, then the other person to expects the same.

Girls are less patient than boys. It’s better to inform the girl about your busy schedule than no text at all.

Don’t ever ignore the girl’s text. It’s better not to look at the phone than reading the text and not answering it.

Every internet communication platform now has features like ‘last seen’, ‘delivered’, ‘read’, ‘seen’ that makes no space for fake excuses.

Replying within a specific time to a message makes you a responsible person.

  • Be a virtual gentleman

There is a lot of difference between the movies, tv shows and real life. It is entirely misleading that girls get easily impressed by a bad boy attitude. Only, gentlemen get ladies.

Use courtesy words wherever necessary. Being a virtual gentleman doesn’t require grooming and good wardrobe, it only needs the verbal characteristics of a gentleman.

Be polite and soft, and a sense of respect should be there in your texts (with the help of courtesy words).

Don’t ever think of using swear words to address any other person during the chat. If it requires to be critical in the conversation, then handle the situation maturely.

Don’t let your inner wild man lose your calm.

Using bad words even for a third person while chatting with the girl may dent your reputation. Irrespective of your intentions, your words may harm your personality.

And, Intentions don’t drive the word, actions do.

Remember you’re talking to a girl whom you want to impress. Later, at some point in time, you may get comfortable with the girl to chat the way you want but not initially.

 A gentleman chatting on his laptop

  • Wise use of emojis

Excessive use of emojis kills depth of expressions in the chat. ‘Face with tears of joy’ emoji became so popular in the year 2015 that Oxford declared it the word of the year.

Every person has his/her style of chatting. Some people do not send a single message without emoji while some do not use emoji at all. The emoji that you use in your chat should justify your expression with the message.

Don’t add an emoji with every second message.

Don’t send emojis in bulk like this – 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

Act maturely and insert an emoji when it is required. It would add weight to your expressions in your text messages which include emojis.

  • Remember the points

As mentioned in step #3, every person likes to talk about themselves. Remember, what the girl tells you about her (likes, dislikes, past experiences, friends, anything that you find interesting).

It’d impress her if you remember her points and use them later in conversations. It’d make her feel significant. She’d think that you listen to her whenever she states something in her texts.

A girl is aware if she speaks a lot. Don’t disregard her words. Make her feel worth by remembering the significant information she shares with you.

  • Clean texts

‘dU u ryT uR tXt Lyk diS?’

If yes, then you need to get back to the primary standard of your school to learn a language. Clean and proper grammar is always impressive.

Yes, you do not impress a girl to get a job. But, your writing style says a lot about you.

The message writing style presented above shows that you don’t respect grammar rules and living in a world of internet spoilt brats. Probably you find that style ‘cool’.

It is wise to use native language while communicating if you’re not comfortable with the English. Don’t make spelling mistakes. Use dictionaries or smartphone keyboards to keep spelling mistakes minimal.

An online survey says that people aged between 18-24 years are less tolerant to spelling and grammar mistakes. I

t is possible that the girl you wish to impress is among those who don’t find the style impressive at all which you see very ‘cool’. So, it is safer to write clean and clear messages instead.

  • Give her your space and time

Why do you wish to impress a girl on chat? To get her attention, right? Then give her attention first. Chatting for a few minutes is not enough to impress a girl.

The Internet is open for all. There might be many guys like you who would be trying to impress her on chatting platforms.

You’ll have to invest time and pay her your attention to impress her. Patience is key here. How’d you get to know if you have impressed the girl or not?

Chatting initiations by the girl, regular replies, increased chatting time and most importantly chatting with you out of her comfort zone are a few indicators which tell that the girl is impressed by you. To get to this point, it is vital for you to spend time talking to her.

Share your insights and life with the girl. Insights imply here your opinion on your life happenings. Girls are more sensitive than boys. Girls like guys with deep thoughts.

Make your relationship grow with time efficiently.

  • Make her smile

A good sense of humor is always attractive.

The easiest way to impress a girl is to make her laugh. It is the most valuable tip/step among all.

Send her joke, funny picture or share a short video but do not spam her. Don’t spam her family WhatsApp group’s husband-wife jokes or college WhatApp group’s dirty jokes.

Learn what she finds humourous while talking to her and then act accordingly.

Jokes are not the only way to make her smile. Girls admire original art. If you’re good at writing short stories, poems, 2-liners, creating animations, cartoons or anything exclusive then share it with her.

a girl smiling

You should keep this in mind while trying to impress a girl on chat that conversations on chatting platform would be temporary.

If you wish to take your relationship with the girl to the next level, then you’d have to get in touch in real life. Hence, be prepared for a real face off.

The girl creates your image by your messages and you’ll to stand on it later. So, it is better not to fake off. Follow the steps mentioned above in an ethical manner.

These were some of the best ways of how to impress a girl on chat.


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