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How Your Snapchat Account Can Be Hacked Easily & Instantly : 2022

Snapchat is one of the widely used social networking application by the youth after facebook and Instagram. It has special features like Photo sharing and Snapchat score.

So Is there any way to hack account and passwords or to spy Snapchat??

Yes, why not!?

Congratulations!! You found the right and best tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will see the best and easy methods to hack Snapchat accounts and password along with some tricks like snapchat score hack and many more.

In my previous articles I’ve already demonstrated how to hack Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter. If you haven’t checked them, go check them now!

Snapchat is mostly used for daily photo sharing and messaging, Its Snapchat score feature make this social media application addicatable among the youth. Snapchat score is sum total of all the snaps sent or received.

Like every social media application, Snapchat also invest large amount of money and man power for its security.

You might think it is very hard or impossible to break into Snapchat? You might be thinking the way, right?! Hmm..Yes it is the fact that things are getting evolved day by day and these applications are getting more secure, but don’t forget ! There is the key for every lock.

There is always some loop holes in every secure applications so Snapchat also has.

Yes, there are some methods using which you can hack Snapchat easily.

Worried about these methods!?

Don’t worry!, We will discuss all the methods with easy explanations.

Enough of discussion!! Lets perform some action!!

Snapchat Account Hack : Methods

1. How to Hack Snapchat Account – Spying Apps

Spy refers to the monitoring or tampering of secret information of the victim or individual.

But why person need to spy on snapchat!?

Snapchat is now full communication platform with videos and message sharing like Instagram and Facebook. This can be massive problem specially for the parents who are worried about the online safety of the children and also this can be needed by the couples to check whether they are being cheated or not.

Don’t worry! We understand your concern and we will teach the easiest ways to spy on others Snapchat.

Spying is a fun!! It is done by installing certain scripts, backdoor or any application on the target’s device and after that all the activities of the target can be monitored by using the application on the client side.

We are going to discuss some of the best apps for spying on someone Snapchat. All these apps have good reputation and are effective.

Some of the best spy apps are mSpy and thetruthspy but they come with 2 major drawbacks. First one is that they are paid. They are not free to use and monthly subscription fees need to paid which can be quite expensive.

Furthermore, you need to access the device of the person whose snaps you want to view. This can be OK if you want to spy on your kids but it can be hard to spy on other person.


Right now mSpy is the best option to hack Snapchat. mSpy is the only option that give full coverage of Snapchat. You can even hack the password of the account. You can see all photos, videos and messages sent and received along with logs.

The mSpy comes with three packages, The basic package cost for 20$/month, premium for 135$/year and last package is exclusively for IOS users which cost for 27$/month.

Find the pricing page here.

  • Go to the official website & select a required package.
  • After signing up, you need to verify email address. After that mSpy will send you the control panel details.
  • In Control Panel, you can follow the instruction manual on how to install mSpy on victim phone.
  • Now you need to install the application on target device anyhow, anyway!
  • Congratulation!! Now you can monitor your target’s activities easily through your control panel and you can also hack his or her password.

mSpy provides several features like:

  • Website History + Bookmarks
  • Uninstall Alert
  • Unlimited Device Change
  • Includes 24/7 support
  • Incoming Call Blocking
  • Geo Fencing
  • Emails, Keyword alerts  


truthSpy is also one of the best spying apps. It is due to the ease of its use & flexible functionalities.

This app also has the same features as other popular spy apps. But the benefit of it is the 48 hours (2 day) free trial they offer! You can try their application before purchasing their plans, once you’re satisfied with it, you can go on for a purchase.

The app can be downloaded from their official website.

This hacking can be used for purpose like Parent control, Employee Monitoring, Catch cheating spouse, and phone tracking. The application is avaliable for both Android and IOS users

The steps of installations and features of truthspy is moreover same as mSpy.

The thruthSpy comes with three packages, The Standard package costs for $21.99/month, premium for $25.99 while the gold one for $30.99. You may also go for a 3, 6 or 12-month plan too. Find the pricing page here.

2. How to Hack Snapchat Account – Keylogger

This is also one of the awesome technique to hack the snapchat account. Basically, it is one of the special software or mobile application that records all the activity of the keyboard, which means that each and every alphabet that is typed on the keyboard is recorded by the application and as a result stored in the file.

So the mechanism of the hacking is simple, whenever the victim login his or her account on the PC or mobile, its username and password get recorded by the keylogger.

This will provide you the complete access of the user and account and guess what??

This method can be used for not only hacking Snapchat but also other social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.

Exciting isn’t it? Yes it is! ☺

For computers many keylogger are available like 

  • Sourceforge Keylogger
  • DanuSoft Free Keylogger
  • Real Free Keylogger
  • Ardamax Keylogger

And many more which really effective to hack the snapchat account.

For Android, iPhone and iPad the application named iKeyMonitor can be used.

This application is very effective and easy to use to hack snapchat account.

iKeyMonitor gives you full package of services to track different messengers and social media.

  • Go to the official website & select a required package.
  • After signing up, you need to verify email address. After that iKeyMonitor will send you the control panel details.
  • In Control Panel, you can follow the instruction manual on how to install application on victim phone.
  • Now you need to install the application on target device anyhow, anyway!

Congratulation!! Now you can monitor your target’s activities easily through your control panel and you can also hack his or her password.

After successful installation, you can receive the logs online. I just opened my WhatsApp and typed some random words, here are the results.

2. How to Hack Snapchat Account – Phishing

Phishing is one of the traditionally proven way of hacking not only the social media accounts but also used in hacking of bank accounts.

Phishing is very popular and there are lots of easily available tutorials on the YouTube.

So, what is phishing??

Phishing is basically creating a fake page that looks exactly like the original login page, in which when victim enter its username & password, you will gain access to victim’s account as that credentials will be in your hand ☺.

This will be possible because of YOU as you will be the one who will create the fake page and have control over that page.

There are various ways by which you can trap your victim to open your phishing link and make him enter his credential, like you can embed your Snapchat login page in a website giving huge discounts on the products which your victim love to buy.

After that you can email this website to his Email-id loaded with offers.

Victim will sign-in to your page with the greed of offers and that ‘it…. You are already done!!!!

Every coin has two sides, Phishing is as old as internet and even trail and tested many times but still it requires some technical knowledge. It is not as easy as spying because you need to follow some specific set of steps to make your phishing page that will take you towards your goal.

But don’t worry!!! We will teach you phishing step by step with the examples ☺ 

Exciting isn’t it!!

So we need a hosting account for it. You can hunt for any available out there. There are so many free as well as paid. I better recommend going for a free one for this task.

There are free hosting account providers like 000webhosthostingerwix, etc, etc, etc.

Click on any of these links & create an account there. We will be using 000webhosthere.

NOTE: I’ve explained this technique in complete detail in my following post:

How to hack Instagram Account?

Step 1: Signing Up

Sign up on 000webhost.com & verify your email address. Update your profile to the basic requirements needed.

Step 2: Adding website

Now add a new website.

Step 3: Uploading Phishing page

Now you need to create a phishing page and host it on this account of yours. For this go to the file manager by clicking on “Upload Own Website”. This will lead you to the File Manager.

You need to login to the File manager using the same username & password which you had entered while creating your new website. The username is the URL of the website itself. This will be https://yourusername.000webhostapp.com/.

Once you are into it, you’ll see a screen like this. If you’re not familiar with this, its the place where you can add, edit, delete & manage all the files hosted on your server. Pretty easy!

Now download the Snapchat Phishing Script from here. Once you’ve done upload all of these here. You may alternatively use FTP to upload the files.

And there you have your Instagram Phishing page up & running! Whoila. Now hold on & use you smart little brain to find out all those DIPLOMATIC ways to send this site to your victim.

Well, this is where the stunning art of Social Engineering comes in. So I’ll leave this up to you. Because this is what you invent your own!

I know this maybe difficult for some, but definitely not impossible though. Use your skills to manipulate your target.

The moment your victim signs in through this phished page, his credentials will be deposited in your account.

To see the passwords, you just need to append “/password.html” to your site url. You can then see the details of hacked accounts.

I need not explain “What to do next?” now.  Enjoy.

Phishing is the most used weapon for cracking into billions of personal accounts till date. Kevin Mitnick is a great ideal to look upon when we are particularly talking on this subject. High Five.!

3. How to Hack Snapchat Account – Brute Force Method

Before hacking snapchat with this method lets discuss this method.

So, what is Brute force attack??

A Brute Force Attack is a technique where a password is identified or cracked by using different permutations and combinations of the password.

Yes, it is mathematical based model …. But don’t worry we have software’s that will do this task for you. This software’s simply uses all possible combination of the given set of digits or alphabets.

It is very simple and does not employ any intelligent techniques. Since it is math based, it takes less time to crack a password using brute force applications rather than figuring them out manually. 

This method is faster than manually typing different combinations but still it takes too much time to crack the passwords.

This is a password hacking method that bombards a login page with thousands upon thousands of passwords, until it gets the right one and logs into your account.

Passwords such as “12345678” are among the first to be tried out, so they are cracked in around 0.3 seconds. In other words, a brute force attack can hack a weak Snapchat password instantly.

Here’s how long it will take a brute force attack to hack any of these passwords:

  • New York = 6 seconds.
  • New Yorked= 4 months.
  • new york-* = 198 years, 26 days.
  • new York-* = 1 month, 6 days.

As you can see, it’s not just the number of characters in a password that matters, but also what type of characters is used. “New York-*” is shorter than “New Yorked” but it’s difficult to crack due to the special character “-*”.

It’s not just special characters that make a difference. Capitalizing a letter can turn a junk password such as “new york-*” into a heavyweight that takes nearly 2 centuries to crack. And all you did was to capitalize the “m” so it’s now “new York-*”.

This is a lengthy & cumbersome technique but as the technique works it does make sense to describe it here. You can crack Snapchat password online using this method.

For this, first you need to have a Linux machine up & running. You can carry out this process on any Debian-based operating system, namely, Kali Linux or Ubuntu.

Step 1 :

Open your terminal in Linux. Press Ctrl + T in Ubuntu / Kali Linux.

Step 2 :

Hit the following command to clone the necessary brute force script on your drive.

git clone https://github.com/Sanix-Darker/Brute-Force-Login.git

Step 3 :

Now give the following command to grant it the required permissions. Then using “cd” command you’ll access the directory of installation.

chmod -R 755 Brute-Force-Login

cd Brute-Force-Login

Step 4 :

If you hit “ls” command, you can see the contents of the directory. The “BFL.py” is the script which we will run for the attack. But before that we need a list file containing all possible passwords we seek to brute force upon the desired Instagram account.

So you can either create your own .txt file with a list of probable passwords you think necessary. You may also search online for different word-lists available.

After you’re done getting a word-list file, copy it to the “Brute-Force-Login” directory. Then you’re set to fire an attack.

Note : You also NEED to have Tor installed on your machine to carry out this attack. This attack uses different IPs through Tor connection as a single IP is prone to get blacklisted when used frequently. So please ensure you have TOR installed on your host OS.

Step 5 : 

Now this is the very important command which will do the brute force attack for you.

python instagram.py “victim-username” “name-of-password-file.txt”

[python : as the script is written in Python language

BFL.py : the brute force attack script

“victim-username” : type here the victim’s username without ” “

“name-of-password-file.txt”  :type here the name of your downloaded password file list without ” ” ]

It will now try every word in your list & as soon as it matches one, the attack will be finished.

Liked the tutorial??  Wait I have the bonus for you guys!! ☺

These are some resources for password list:

Not Enough??? We have one good news for you guys.

This method can be used to hack any social media ☺

Enjoy!!! Hacking the snapchat!!

4. How to Hack Snapchat Account – Dictionary attacks

This method of hacking snapchat is similar to brute force attack but just the thin line of difference between dictionary attacks and brute force attacks is that the dictionary attacks start by guessing the most common variations of passwords.

The key for successful using of the dictionary attacks is to know as much information as possible for the person you are trying to hack its snapchat account. If you know good information about him then these dictionary attacks can help you quickly guess his snapchat password and get the information you are interested in.

Interesting fact is that you cannot directly perform snapchat password hack with brute force attacks and dictionary attacks, because snapchat has some security measures implemented. However, you can get advantage of the mistake that many users make and that is using the same password for many accounts.

Smart thing to do would be to target the other websites, platforms or services that the victim is using. Most of them will have some weaker security measures so you can launch a dictionary or brute force attack on those pages.

 If you successfully penetrate those login pages then you can get access to other accounts like snapchat.  However, you need to be very skill full in doing this in order not to get detected. People usually protect their accounts by creating stronger passwords that are hard to guess or they do not use the same password for all accounts they access.

5. How to Hack Snapchat Account – Self claimed Online websites.

While searching for this article you might have encountered various websites which claims to hack the snapchat just by entering the username. 

Some of them say Free hacking – No Survey.

If you go in little depth you will see few Snapchat hacking tools which sounds great at first but most of the things does not works how they look.

Most of this website advertised them as a free or no survey snapchat hacking tools.

This is fake in its name itself if you think little bit that what do surveys have to do with this?  

These “tools” are all over the internet and have a good and professional look. Most of them are promoted across the web on videos again and again, check them out. Do you believe this will work? Think they will be a reliable snapchat hack?

Do Online Snapchat Hack Tools Work?

These “tools” are completely fake and are only setup to get you to click on adverts, add your email or complete a survey. They make money for the owners … but you will not be able to see anything from Snapchat.

I have tested them, right up to taking surveys and giving my email but always the results are same that no Snapchat content is exposed!

They are quite clever and have little boxes showing the progress of your Snapchat Hack  but make no mistake they are only interested in making money.

They will ask you to take part in some sort of survey or view some random advertising offer BEFORE you can gain access to the Snapchat records you want to view. They get paid for every survey or offer you look at, and also for the information you give like mobile number and email Ids! … So it’s an advice that use disposable emails, when giving such surveys.

These tools do not work at all but they make money because you really want them to work. Don’t be a Victim!

Most start by asking you to enter the Snapchat username you want to hack. Do you know your kid’s username? I’m guessing …. probably not. Do they have just one account …. are they telling you the truth? Can you see some problems here already?

So let’s move on and say you actually do have the username. The free online hacking app will now apparently “search” for any data from that user and you can download it and look at their activity.

Nice idea – and you are desperate, you really want this to work.

Do you really think this spammy looking website has a magic tool to hack into a massive worldwide company with all those tech experts? For free?

Sorry to burst your bubble – they do not work.

We have discussed all various possible methods of hacking into Snapchat in this tutorial here.

These methods are written in the same order, starting from the best, effective & genuine methods at first.

Hope you will benefit from this! Good luck, hack Snapchat account!

Lastly, don’t forget to comment your opinions or queries. I’ll help you out. 🙂


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