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How to Become an Ethical Hacker: What Education Do I Need?

Young people attend colleges and universities to obtain important knowledge and skills in a concrete field. Afterward, they receive proper education; they can find a good job with the required salary and possibilities of personal development. The IT field is one of the most popular and rapidly developing spheres of human activity. It offers multiple perspectives for young talented people, and one is free to choose different professions. One of such is called an ethical hacker.

Many people instantly take this profession wrong. When they see the word “hacker”, they begin to think that it’s a person who breaks through the firewalls, steals money, or spreads information of Internet users. This activity is illegal and hackers get seriously punished by the government. Such hackers are called black hackers. However, there are also white hackers who have a legal way to work. Just like the writers of custom writing agencies help students to manage their academic assignments, ethical hackers help different websites to protect their databases.

When students need some academic writing help with their assignments, they turn to a professional essay writing service like CustomWritings or similar companies. They are ready to handle any task and do it quickly and effectively. One of the priorities offered by such platforms is full confidentiality. It is commonly reached by ethical hackers. It’s a very important profession for all website owners. We’ll dig deeper into this profession and tell what education is needed.

Defining the Profession

Ethical hackers have a plain target. They ought to find any breaches in the system of protection of a concrete website. They use different deciphering methods, test hardwareб and/or software to detect some vulnerability. Mind that they do it for the good sake of the tested website. After their diagnosis, they give a full report to its owner. Thus, the owner is aware of potential hazards and can undertake appropriate measures to protect his/her website. This is the main function of white or ethical hackersб and many people choose this profession.

As you can see, this profession is important. Many people don’t even know how the Internet is protected. White hackers test the systems of online security and fill in the gaps.

How to Acquire a Certificate?

If you want to become an ethical hacker, you ought to apply through a vendor-neutral governing body, which is known as the EC-Council. The Council commonly needs candidates who have some experience in information security and who understand how to stop different forms of cyber threats. Sometimes, it’s enough to pass a 5-day course and the final examination. Afterward, an experienced committee will decide whether a candidate is competent enough to receive a license.

Many folks ask what kind of education they need. We know the answer, as well as are aware of some other essentials you’ll definitely have to possess. 

Consider the following points:

  • The required degree is at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • Education fields are computer science, information safety, and technology;
  • The key skills are problem-solving, strong ethical and analytical skills;
  • The licensure is known as Optional Certified Ethical Hacker credential.

The job is very perspective. During the first year, employees earn from $50,000 to $100,000 per year. As they gain experience, their salary enhances as well. A lot depends on the company that hires you for this sphere. The most beneficial ones are finance, economy, banking, military establishments, government, and private organizations, etc.

How to Become a Good Ethical Hacker?

If you intend to become an ethical hacker, you should have a certain strategy. It consists of several steps. Let’s check them right now.

  • Receive an education. Acquire at least a Bachelor’s degree and be an expert in cyber protection and information technology. Pass special courses and examinations to receive the license.
  • Search for job opportunities. Review all the possible spheres, which are currently popular to get a high salary. Such spheres as banking, business, marketing, and military are the constantly-growing ones, and so, ethical hackers may earn a lot.
  • Know the basic demands. Be aware of all the basic requirements to become an ethical hacker. Make sure you understand them and are able to handle them.
  • Choose hardware or software. It’s necessary to prefer a certain direction. You may choose to be a hardware or software specialist. Of course, it’s possible to choose both directions, but experienced hackers claim it’s too difficult. You must be a true specialist, but handling two directions at once won’t make you a real professional.

To remain a good specialist, constantly improve yourself and your skills. Learn about the latest changes and trends in cyber safety, new viruses and hacker attacks, new hardware and software, and something of the kind. Stay connected to a dependable community of ethical hackers to know the latest news and gain experience from other white hackers.


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