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How Any Android Can Be Hacked via an APK Download

If you are planning to hack an Android device, it means that you want to take control of that device. Hacking an Android phone is merely not an impossible task. You can keep track of all the information saved in that device, view the saved contacts, and get your hands on the required data. All of this may seem like a tough job for an average person, but now it’s as easy as it is for professionals. Anyone with basic knowledge and enough will can hack a phone and check the required data. A decade ago, only professionals practiced hacking. But it’s not the same anymore. You can hack an Android phone in various ways. With such an evolved technology, surveillance of anyone or any device has become a lot easier. You can sit in your bedroom and know the events occurring in another person’s life. However, the process of hacking any device generally involves the risk of malware. Hacking a mobile is more likely to find new endpoints of viruses and bugs. These viruses can affect the device in many ways. If a phone gets infected with malware, it starts to behave differently. The data and information saved in the device might get affected by the malware to the extent of losing it entirely.

However, there is a simpler alternative that can help you get into the required Android device. It is by downloading the APK file of spying software on the Android smartphone. If you try to hack someone’s phone, the slow speed and glitches may appraise the user that their device has been hacked. However, spying apps work in stealth mode. The user cannot know that the phone is being tracked. With the monitoring software, anyone can get into someone’s phone remotely. If you have sparse knowledge of how an Android device generally works, you can gather the information on anyone you are interested in without any difficulty. 

It can be a daunting task to choose a monitoring app that can satisfy all of your requirements. You will have to watch out for all the loud and flashy advertisements that promise to break into a phone but fail to do so.  

This article will show you how you can hack any Android phone using the most reliable APK file. XNSPY is one of the most used and reputed monitoring apps that allows you to monitor any device without affecting the phone or its data. XNSPY offers the most user-friendly interface that allows anyone to any Android device. It gives you the remote control of the device by collecting information from the emails, call logs, text messages, or conversations taking place on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and other social engines. It also allows you to track the GPS location and social media activities of any Android user. The features, affordability, and 24/7 customer support, adds up to make XNSPY the best solution for you. Hacking a device using the XNSPY APK file might seem a bit confusing if you are using it for the first time. However, to clear the confusion, here is the step-to-step guide for downloading and installing the XNSPY APK file on an Android device.

Installation Requirements

The installation process requires one-time physical access to the device that you want to get in. However, once you have installed the software, you can monitor and control the device remotely.

How to Install XNSPY APK

STEP 1: You will visit the official website of XNSPY and choose a suitable subscription for yourself.

STEP 2: You will enter the required information, i.e., email address and credit card details.

STEP 3: Once you have entered the details, you will secure your payments.

STEP 4: Check your email address for an email that consists of your XNSPY account and password details. You can find an installation guide in this email too.

STEP 5: You will also get a URL in this email. It will help you install the software.

STEP 6: You can use the provided URL to install the software. The remaining installation period can be seen from the notification bar.

STEP 7: Once the downloading is completed, you can see a file named “Appv2.apk.”

STEP 8: Tap on the file and open it.

STEP 9: A dialogue box will appear. Choose the setting and turn on the “Allow from this source.” It will take you to the next option.

STEP 10: You will select “Install” to proceed with the installation process on the device.

STEP 11: Open the file after the installation is completed.

STEP 12: You will choose “allow” for the next battery optimization dialogue box.

STEP 13: After that, you will have to allow Android Auto Permission for the next few dialogue boxes according to your needs. For example, you will enable the device location to know the locality in the future.

STEP 14: Once you get done with the permissions, you will have to enter an activation code. You can get this code from the same email that you received at the start.

STEP 15: Read all the terms and conditions and privacy policy and choose “Accept.”

STEP 16: Choose the start and continue the installation process.

STEP 17: Select “Proceed” and Enable Android Auto from the Proceeding Accessibility screen.

STEP 18: Choose “Proceed” and select the Android Auto and turn on the “Allow usage tracking.”

STEP 19: You will then continue and enable Android Auto from the Notification Access and choose “Allow.”

STEP 20: Proceed and choose “Activate this device administrator” at the bottom.

STEP 21: Select “Don’t show again” from the dialogue box that will appear here, and select “Start Now.”

STEP 22: Now select “Proceed” and allow all the Auto permissions (If you have already allowed all the permissions, you will not see the dialogue boxes again.)

How does XNPSY work?

You can get a vast amount of information on any Android device using XNSPY. Some of the features that can help you collect the data are below:

Call logs

You can have access to all of the phone logs of the device. You can see the incoming, out-going, and missed calls along with the time, date, and duration of each call. You can also access all the contacts saved on the device as well. 

Texts and instant messages

It allows you to check every text message on the device. It also supports different messengers that help you keep track of those conversations too. The web control panel gives you a list of the apps that you can monitor. Some of these apps are Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp. Viber, Twitter, and many more. 

Multimedia tracking

You can keep track of all the multimedia files saved on the Android device. You can view and download any files exchanged on the messaging apps also.

Installed Apps

You can manage the installed apps, too. XNSPY allows you to delete or block any application on the Android device remotely.

GPS tracking

It helps you by tracking the location of any device. You can know the locality anytime. XNSPY allows you to see the location history of the device as well.

Remote control

It allows you to control the device remotely. You can take pictures, turn on the microphone to record the surroundings, delete data, and even lock the phone, when you want, through XNSPY.


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