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HBCD : A Must Have ABCD!


HBCD short for ‘Hiren’s Boot Compact Disc’ is a bootable disc with a live OS ( A boot disc is a removable media that is capable of running an OS or some utility directly from null in a system). HBCD is a must have thing for all computer users as it may prove to be very useful in case of system failure or OS corruptions. It can be used for a lot of thing ranging from recovering the lost data to system scanning for malwares to device partitioning and much more. In short, it acts like First-Aid kit for a user. It contains a number of diagnostic programs such as partitioning agents, system performance benchmarks, disk cloning and imaging tools, data recovery tools, MBR tools, BIOS tools, and others for fixing various computer problems.

HBCD is a compilation of utilities that is used to solve most of the computer issues like drives failure( well, not physical failure), OS files corruption, Data restore and other malfunctions. Its component applications are quite versatile and are used for almost all the soft issues being faced by the users. Those softwares are categorised as the following:

Partition Tools

Partitioning a drive means to divide it into different smaller storage media to act as if they are different. These different partitions then act independently and are not affected by any change in other. Even if you format a Partition, others are not affected. Partitioning tools help in creating and maintaining and controlling these independent partitioned drives. The user can modify the size, create or delete any partition as per his requirement.

Backup & Recovery
It is a very important aspect of any computer user to create a backup of his data otherwise their may be cases that he has to compromise his data owing to some technical error like drive corruption or file deletion by mistake. If its not a hard problem ( Hard problem refers to a problem relating to physical damage caused may be arising due to high voltage supply or power failure), there are high chances that the problem could be solved by HBCD. Sometimes a file may become irretrievable or if it’s deleted permanently. Generally, such problems can easily be handled. HBCD has a number of applications which can be used for a hassle-free restoration, backup and recovery of files. Also, it happens that a normal OS does not allow access to a corrupted directory, HBCD proves itself in this case and there are chances that important data is saved.

Antivirus and Cleaning Tools
As the name suggests, these programs are for the safety of a user from viruses that tend to destroy data.HBCD has a number of antivirus programs and they can be used immediately but I would recommend to update their definitions first and then use them. Apart from antivirus tools, it also has a number of system cleaning utilities that can be used to make the system to work efficiently

Testing Tools
HBCD has a number of programs that can be used to maintain the stability of the system. They can be used to check for hardware errors in the devices (if any). Those softwares can also be used to check faults in system RAM ( Random Access Memory). Apart from this, it can also be used to check faults in hard drive or even USB ( Universal Serial Bus) ports. They are also useful when there is any problem related to drivers of hardware being connected.

Password Tools
The password is a basic thing that comes to mind when we talk of security. Why not? Definitely is the building block for safeguarding anything, here data in this case. There are many softwares available to help the users in this case. Some help in password encryption and same help in finding the forgotten password (Generally they use brute force attack or dictionary attack to recover the lost passwords).

Mini Windows
It is the most important feature of HBCD and this mini OS provides a platform for the execution of most of the softwares available with the HBCD. Also, it provides the interface of Windows XP which could be useful for users wishing to shift to XP. Still, modifies versions of HBCD are available on the net that has OS other than XP.

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