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How To Hack WiFi Using Fluxion In Kali Linux

Hacking WiFi Social engineering method with Fluxion

Today we will try Hacking WiFi Social engineering method with Fluxion Attack on WiFi. This method works good and this method is easy to implement and most working one.

How To Hack WiFi Using Fluxion In Kali Linux.

We Require following..
1. Fluxion
2. Aircrack-ng
3. mdk3 (optional)

This hack works on Linux..
First, download and install fluxion from here [Need New Link to Wi-Fi-Analyzer – Fluxion].

Install this tool on GitHub
Simply clone the link which is there on GitHub and come to terminal..
git clone https://github.com/deltaxflux/fluxion.git

After Successful installation run this tool.
by executing it’s script

make sure that the fluxion folder has sufficient access rights and ./fluxion file has executable permission.
if not such a case just types this in the terminal
chmod 755 ./fluxion

on the startup of this tool fluxion asks you to specify which WLAN interface do you use to hack WiFi
if you have an external WiFi card and you’d like to use that just get the interface and specify.
if you use Internal WLAN card that is wlan0 Press 1 to continue

the fluxion initializes all the network cards and automatically turns your NIC to monitor mode
it will show the list of available targets to select the target by pressing the ID number of that connection.

after selection of a target, fluxion shows many options and types of hacking..

How To Hack WiFi Using Fluxion In Kali Linux

we will select option 1 for creating fake AP (access point) and press ENTER.
then we will select tool dependency tool for cracking WiFi password
press ENTER to skip and then select 1 for choosing aircrack-ng from handshake checking options.

for getting the password you should perform

How To Hack WiFi Using Fluxion In Kali Linux

How To Hack WiFi Using Fluxion In Kali Linux

De-authentication attack that target wifi so you can select all user by typing 1 or you can select particular users MAC address and De-authenticate him.
After selecting 1 it will open 2 windows, one for capturing WPA handshake and other for de-authenticate all clients. Now enter 1 on the MENU window to check handshake without closing the other windows.

After checking handshake it will ask for choosing the Web Interface, so select 1 and press ENTER.
or also if you know the router model you can have that type of web interface to make this work.
Now it will ask for choosing the language, so select 1 for ENGLISH and press ENTER.
Now it will open 4 windows starting the fake AP and De-authenticating the clients of the wifi network.
and it also opens DNS spoofing on the target wiFi so that his all requests DNS queries are poisoned until he specifies a password and that password matches with our captured password nonce.

so you can get persistent wifi access and real password on the wifi. and password file will be there in our present location of the terminal.

I hope this will help you to understand Social engineering attack on wifi and you can hack wifi..easily


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