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How To Hack A Home Router ? : Step-By-Step Guide

Home Router

Hello viewers, I bet Every one would be interest when it comes to Home Router Hacking, And I’m presenting you one of the easiest way to do it. And also protecting your own Home Router from being Hacked…!!!

Home Router 

Switches progressed toward becoming standard buyer gadgets when families started to aggregate numerous PCs and needed to share the home Internet association.

Home systems utilize Internet Protocol (IP) switches to interface PCs to each other and to the Internet.

Early eras of home switches bolstered wired systems administration with Ethernet links while more current remote switches upheld Wi-Fi together with Ethernet.

The term broadband switch applies to any home wired or remote switch being utilized for sharing a broadband Internet association.

Home switches frequently cost USD $100 or less.

They are fabricated to be a great deal more reasonable than business switches to some degree since they offer less components.

All things considered, home switches give numerous basic home systems administration capacities:

  • sharing of home Internet associations for many gadgets
  • fundamental home system firewall and other security bolster
  • capacity to change switch design settings from a Web programs



Hack a Home Router 

On the planet the vast majority of clients doesn’t change there switch’s default secret word in light of the fact that a large portion of them just know how to use without know how to design the switch itself.

So’s the point.

We can utilize that helplessness to hack the switches.


  • Port Scanner (Angry IP Scanner)
  • Web Browser
  • Web Connection

Angry IP Scanner :

Angry IP Scanner is an IP address scanner instrument.

It is utilized for filtering of IP addresses with the objective of finding alive has and assembling intriguing data about each of them


Download Angry IP Scanner and You can Download it from here

After Installation and in the event that you open, it will look like :

ip scanner


Open Internet and discover your Public Ip adress

Snap Here to discover your Public Ip Address

When you got your Public Ip adress then you can continue with assault.

In Angry Ip scanner, there is a choice called Ip run that you can find in the above picture

There Just enter your Ip adress and specify a range like :


For Example :  to



Go to Preferences – > Tools – > and include the port numbers like this :



Backpedal and snap begin catch to check the system

after the succesful complettion of checking you will get this way



Select the ip address where port 80 is opened. for me i got like this :


duplicate the ip adress and open it in google chrome and you get


for secret word simply enter switch show name with default username and watchword you get it


enter the watchword and switch got hacked !!!!


Hack Proof Your Home Router 

Here are a few things you can do to make your remote switch harder to hack :

Enable WPA2 Wireless Encryption and Create a Strong SSID Network Name and Strong Pre-shared Key

On the off chance that you aren’t utilizing Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) encryption to secure your remote system then you should leave your front entryway completely open since programmers can for all intents and purposes walk directly into your system.

In case you’re utilizing obsolete Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security, which is effectively broken in seconds by most programmers, you ought to consider moving up to WPA2.

More established switches may require a firmware move up to include WPA2 usefulness.

Check your switch producer’s manual to figure out how to empower WPA2 remote encryption on your switch.

You will likewise need to make a solid SSID .

On the off chance that you are utilizing your switch’s default arrange name then you are making it less demanding for programmers to hack your system.

Utilizing a default SSID or a typical one helps programmers in their mission to split your encryption since they can utilize pre-fabricated rainbow tables related with basic SSID names to break your remote encryption.

Make an extensive and arbitrary SSID name despite the fact that it may be difficult to recollect.

You ought to likewise utilize a solid secret key for your pre-shared key to additionally demoralize hacking endeavors.

Turn on Your Wireless Router’s Firewall

On the off chance that you haven’t officially done as such, you ought to consider empowering your remote switch’s worked in firewall.

Empowering the firewall can make your system less obvious to programmers searching for focuses on the Internet.

Numerous switch based firewalls have a “stealth mode” that you can empower to help decrease your system’s perceivability.

You will likewise need to test your firewall to guarantee that you have designed it accurately.

Disable the Admin Via Wireless feature on your router

Another approach to assist keep programmers from upsetting your remote switch is to debilitate the “administrator by means of remote” setting.

When you impair the “administrator by means of remote” element on your switch it makes it with the goal that lone somebody who is physically associated with your switch by means of an Ethernet link can get to the administrator components of your remote switch.

This keeps somebody from driving by your home and getting to the regulatory elements of your switch on the off chance that they’ve bargained your Wi-Fi encryption.

Sufficiently given time and assets a programmer may even now have the capacity to hack into your system, yet making the strides above will make your system a harder target which will ideally disappoint a programmer and make them proceed onward to a less demanding target.

Conclusion :

Since a large portion of clients doesn’t change their switch passwords. It’s an unfortunate propensity since programmers can get to your switch shape wherever through web when you are on the web and It is extremely unsafe to you. So you should change your house switch’s watchword.

I Hope This Article helps you.
Happy Hacking!!!



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