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How To Hack Windows Password

How To Hack Windows Password

How To Hack Windows Password

Resetting Windows password could be used to enter the target’s system or could prove to be very useful to recover the data files in case if the user forgets his password and is unable to recover it (i.e. if reinstalling OS is the last option)
This article will teach you how to remove/alter windows password without the knowledge of previous one and without actually turning on the windows.

Steps To Hack Windows Password

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Insert the HBCD disc or you can also use a bootable USB.
Then restart the system and boot from the above-mentioned media.

How To Hack Windows Password

Enter “Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer”.
You will see a lot of lines running down fast. Don’t worry and be patient.

How To Hack Windows Password

Choose the Correct Hard Drive Partition.
You need to select a partition where the OS is installed. Generally, it is the largest partition or if you are not sure about that you can use different trials.

Confirm the Windows Registry Path.
In almost all the cases the default location already set is the correct one. So simple press ENTER key on your keyboard and move ahead.


Choose the Password Reset Option.
Press ENTER key to move ahead selecting the default option.

Choose the Edit User Data and Passwords Option.
To reset windows password, select the default option (Edit user data and passwords) i.e., simply press the ENTER key.

Enter the Username to Edit.
Select the user whose password you want to reset.

Type 1 to Clear (blank) user password and then press ENTER.
You will see a message on the display indicating about the cleared password.

Type ! to quit the User Edit Tool.
Type  ! and then press ENTER.

Type q to Quit Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.
Type q and then press ENTER. The password is still not changed. It will ask you to confirm whether you wish to do so. Type y and then press ENTER to confirm Password Reset Changes.

Remove Hiren’s BootCD and Restart the Computer.
Remove Hiren’s BootCD from your CD/DVD drive or pen drive in the case of a bootable USN and then manually reset your computer.

Next time when the OS boots, you’ll see that it does not ask for a password as it has been reset.

Feel free to ask/comment if any doubts.



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