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How Your User Credentials Get Hacked Using Remote E-mail Keyloggers


Ever thought how to get someone’s credentials who is out of your network, whom you can not Hack by simply using a payload and listener, then the only method left to spy for his/her credentials is installing a keylogger, and most of the keyloggers available online for remote keylogging are paid. But you can make an email-keylogger using Beelogger for free if you have a Linux or Mac OS system.

Beelogeer, an email-keylogger which is an open source tool, can build keyloggers of many types like:

  1. Adobe Flash update setup file
  2. Adobe PDF
  3. Office Word
  4. Powerpoint PPTX
  5. Excel Sheet
  6. Blank executable
it uses some libraries mainly Wine & Python for building the keylogger.

Features :-

  • It Sends logs each 120 second.
  • Sends logs when chars > 50.
  • Sends logs only to/with Gmail.
  • Some phishing methods are included.
  • Multiple sessions disabled.
  • Auto persistence.

To install beeloger open up your terminal and type in

  1. “ git clone https://github.com/4w4k3/BeeLogger.git
  2. cd BeeLogger
  3. chmod +x install.sh
  4. ./install.sh
  5. it will attempt to install wine, Python libraries and will update and Upgrade your OS.
  6. Python bee.py

Creating the Keylogger

  1. Type in “python bee.py
  2. Press “K” to start generating, “U” to update, “Q” to quit.
  3. It will let you choose an output file format
  4. Go through the Security alerts clearly
  5. Disable your Fake Gmail security ( Don’t us your regular Gmail ID)
  6. beelogger email providing
  7. check your credentials, and hit “Y” and “Enter
  8. it will generate Keylogger in /dist/ folder of beelogger.Beelogger output file location
  9. send it to your victim using Social Engineering Techniques.

When your victim opens it, keystrokes are sent to you entered Email Id.

So, keep yourself away from suspicious files and help others too by sharing this and to know how to hack a windows machine by embedding a payload to an image read the article on How To Hack Any Windows 7/8/10 Remotely Using An Image.

Till then Happy Hunting…


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