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How Anomor Can Be Used To Hack Your Facebook Account – Tutorial [Part 1]

hack facebook account password using phishing

Hi folks today I will demonstrate to you industry standards to hack Facebook utilizing phishing strategy.

There are numerous different ways too you can discover hacking techniques! Be that as it may, Phishing is the most broadly utilized, least difficult and, truth be told, the best I would state! 🙂

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Hack Facebook!

  • Go to anomor.com
  • Click on Sign up
  • Fill the details username, password, etcHow To Hack Facebook Account : Tutorial [Part 1]
  • And click Enter, after that login with your account

How To Hack Any Facebook Account : Tutorial

  • Click on 1st link 1 and you will get new fake page
  • Send it to your victim and tell him to login on that page

How To Hack Any Facebook Account : Tutorial [Part 1]

  • After he logins check your account it will show one victim
  • Click on My victims  you will see your victims password and email

How To Hack Facebook Account : Tutorial [Part 1]

Congrats!  You have hacked Facebook  account successfully . Enjoy!

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How To Hack Any Facebook Account : Tutorial [Part 1]

NOTE:  This is only for educational purpose. We are not responsible for any illegal activities done by you.

Thankyou for reading the article and I hope this article helps you a lot !

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Happy Hacking..!!!


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