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The Ultimate Google Hacking Guide

Google hacking has always been a fun!

Introduction to Google Hacking

The Ultimate Google Hacking GuideGoogle is most likely world best search engine (my opinion) and it’s main purpose is to enable users finding articles, images, videos, books, or basically anything that can be found on the web. The simple search that all of you are known to is just typing in the search box term you are looking for and click the button to get results.

Once you do it, google will arrange the results by the algorithm they created. So, if you are looking for a “selfie” term, you will be shown a link towards YouTube titled: “#SELFIE (Official Music Video) – The Chain-smokers – YouTube” . Why YouTube link first? Well, it doesn’t have to be a YouTube link, but for this search, the result is a link towards YouTube because that video has over 400 million views (#People are stupid). But that’s not the key, there is more to know. Keep reading.

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How can google know to show me the best result for my search? First of all, there is something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows websites to be on the top of the google result list. Of course, many factors matter with this, such as: words, titles, links, words in links, reputation. Google hacking means using the search engine for getting right information out from the huge database for our purposes.

The Ultimate Google Hacking Guide

Words – Web pages contain some articles, or words describing something and google collects such data from every single site out there so that they can match up what you are looking for.

Titles – Titles pretty much sums up what the page is about, like registration page, or login page, et cetere. This is also important if you google something like: “Smite register” .

Links – The more links a web page have, the more info it contains about something, which means it can be a good page for a result. If you are looking for cryptography article about MD5, and some pages have many links to other pages explaining that is cryptography, what is algorithm, what is encryption, what is decryption, then, that page is by search engines very good and will be a big plus!

Words in links – It is important for website’s link to have very specific and clear link words. If you are looking for a driver, then it is important that your link contain word driver because after google collects that from a page, it associates that webpage to contain the search term you are looking for.

Reputation – In other words, if some web page update it’s own data (articles, videos, et cetere) and also provide quality links, the popularity will rise in the eyes of search engines.

All that I said about SEO is just a scratch or nothing more but a basic terms related to SEO. There is so much more to it, but this tutorial will not cover such explanations. Let’s start with Google hacking!

To make things even more simple to you, as it was made to me way before when I was learning about search engines, think of it like this:

You are a librarian of the all books in the world. Now, people comes to you every day, every second asking for you about some information and you need to know where is that information so you can give them the best result. Now, in order to achieve this hard job, you need to know lots of stuff related to those books and all search engines have algorithm that collects some date from every website in order to provide you the best result. Same would go for the librarian (if he is a fucking genius who is able to work as a server, not sleeping, nor eating, and handling huge amount of requests per second). Hopefully you understand the very basics of how search engines look for information you are looking for (basic search).

Google Tools

Now, some people are not so ignorant and know how to use computer which helps them to find very good results for their searching term. Google offers many tools to do this without need to learn anything about it. All it takes is for a user to use his eyes and brain and look what all those buttons can do. Explore!

-Virtual keyboard button allows user to see , well, virtual keyboard on the screen and press buttons without having a real keyboard attached to your computer. This can be useful if you are paranoid person who thinks that someone made it to setup keylogger on your computer or if you simply destroyed your keyboard because of reasons (rage quit in games because everyone is noob expect you).

-Voice search can be used by clicking on the michrophone icon, allowing the usage of your microphone (make sure you have one), and then just say the magical words you want to find. Of course, this feature is not perfect and sometimes you will see quite funny search results for things you didn’t even said.

Now, let’s go even a step further in Google Hacking and use some term to search with. Let’s assume I am looking for Joker term. Once i press search button I will have some results for my search. Now, it depends on what I am looking for exactly. Is it a image, or article, or music video, or a specific website that contains word or words I am looking for.

-Basic menu is placed right bellow your search term with words: All, Images, Video, News, Maps, More(Books, Google aps), tools for search. Now, let’s still remain focused on basic features before we move on to tools.

-All feature is quite simple to explain. Since it’s self-describing , what it does is that it shows all possible matches for your search. You can see how many of them are there. For term joker, i got around 169.000.000 results.

-Images feature simply s


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