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How to prepare for ethical hacking!

How to prepare for ethical hacking!

What things to do before hacking?

Hello, what I’ve seen here on HackeRoyale is that many newcomers want to hack the web and do some black-hat things, that’s fine for me but I don’t recommend you to. Ethical hacking requires patience & practice with it. Since the cost of a dumped database is pretty darn expensive and the owner will do anything to get that money from you with a law suite.

You might also forget that there are hackers out there that might be targeting YOU right now! So you might want to secure your system before you even think about taking that black hat on and go offensive on the internet. Tackling with these cruel elements is a bet! That’s where Ethical Hacking comes into picture!

So I’ll try to point the beginners in the right direction here, to make your system more secure.

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Notice I wrote “more secure”, because when you think “I’m safe and sound” you’re wrong, there is always a way in, and you should be aware of that.

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Tightening your belts for Ethical Hacking!

How to prepare for ethical hacking!

Use a trustworthy VPN service provider!

It’s hard to find a good VPN service that doesn’t log your IP address today, so you have to find a service that you trust!

You can find a really great VPN comparison chart on the following link

A VPN stands for Virtual private network and acts like a tunnel for your connection. In short, your ISP will only see traffic to the VPN servers and from there the data is invisible for the ISP. This goes for website owners as well, they will only see the VPN service IP in the logs when you visit their site.

Use a firewall to filter out bad incoming/outgoing traffic

A firewall is pretty much a must have to secure your system from unwanted incoming traffic such as a targeted attack or a RAT (Remote administration tool) for example. I won’t explain what a firewall is doing in depth since I bet you have the basic understanding of what a firewall does to secure your network/system.
What I will do is to give you an advice to download a free and great free firewall here if you don’t use one today or want to use a firewall that is doing the job with less system requirements!
Glasswire is the name, and you can read more about it here and download it on the following link.


Stay safe from malware/virus

Use anti malwarebytes and scan the system frequently (at least once a week) to stay safe from most malwares that might have gotten in to your system. An active antivirus software is good, but not a must if you know what you’re doing. I’ve been using my system a long time without any AV now and that is because I stay aware of what I click on and use a virtual machine for weird stuff that I want to run/install.

Also Read: How Does Anti-virus Works?

You should use add-ons to Firefox and chrome to make the web more secure while surfing as well.

HTTPS everywhere

Privacy Badger

WebRTC Leak prevent

uBlock origin

So what is a virtual machine?

It’s in short a computer running virtually inside of your system. If you get a virus on that machine and totally lose control of it, you can just shut it down and reinstall it without your main system getting infected.
You can download VMware player or virtual box and install any system you like to it.

Link to VMware workstation player

Link to VirtualBox


Let’s say you want to run Kali Linux 2 in VMware player! You just download the kali image file from the following link. This image is ready to go directly in VMware player without any installation. Really fast and easy!
Just do as I did in the picture and find to the kali Linux vmdk file to run.

Download the Kali Linux 2.0 image here:


There are a lot of ISO files out there for almost any OS, so you can set up an windows machine for pen testing.

You can also install Kali Linux on your Android device too. Read here:

How to install Kali Linux on your Android

This is some very basic security measures that you should be using as a beginner for ethical hacking. I hope you learned something and I will try to answer any questions that you might have.

Of course there is more than just this, like system encryption and encrypted containers for securing your personal data as well. But I think that it is a whole new tutorial since it’s too much to go through.

Have a great day!


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