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How To Penetrate & Hack Into Network systems Using Dedsploit ? : Tutorial

Dedsploit – Multipurpose network tool

Dedsploit is a multi purpose network attacking tool, which provides a simple and easy to understand interface to n00bys to perform simple DoS, SSH brute force, recon, etc…..

It is an open source software used for attacking network protocols and network exploitation. This framework aims to exploit and attack some common everyday vulnerabilities, whether it is a misconfiguration of an SSH server, or even the utilisation of apache2 as a web server, which could be subjected to malicious Slowloris DoS attacks.

If you want to know how to do DoS attack, read this guide here.

Getting started:

Dedsploit Installation:

  • Open your browser and search for “dedsploit+github” in Google.
  • Open the Github link and copy the git link.
  • Open your Linux/MAC terminal and type in “ git clone “ to clone the git repository.
  • After the download completes change your directory to dedsploit directory.
  • Now change the permission for the installer file and the executable file by typing “chmod +x installer” and “chmod +x dedsploit”.
  • Now run the installer by typing “./installer”.
  • It will attempt to install all required packages and update/upgrade your OS.
  • After successful installation type “./dedsploit”.

After successful installation, you will see this sort of interface

Dedsploit interface

Type In “Help” to list available commands

Module help:

On help, you will get

Dedsploit help

  • Modules – which displays the available attacks
  • Clear – to clear the screen
  • Clearcache – to clear logs/caches
  • Update – to update dedsploit along with OS


These are the attacks which you can perform with dedsploit tool

Dedsploit bruteforce

So n00bies that’s all about dedsploit, a starting tool for you. If you want to know how to hack a wifi without any tool read the tutorial on How To Hack A Wifi Without Any Tool and if you like the article then do share it to let you hacker friends know about it and do rate the tutorial. Thank you.

Keep hunting and happy hunting


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