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How To Crack iOS Passwords : Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Crack iOS Passwords : Step-By-Step Tutorial

Cracking iOS

I’d dare to figure that many telephone, similar to iOS and Android, and tablet passwords (truly, they’re only 4‐digit PINs, or passwords) can be speculated out and out.

A cell phone gets lost or stolen and all the individual recouping it needs to do is attempt some essential number blends, for example, 1234, 1212, or 0000. Before long, voilà! — the framework is opened.

Many telephones and tablets running iOS and Android are arranged to wipe the gadget if the mistaken secret key is entered X number of times (frequently 10 fizzled endeavors).

A sensible security control in fact. Be that as it may, what else should be possible?

Some business instruments can be utilized to break basic passwords/PINs and recoup data from lost or stolen gadgets or gadgets experiencing a crime scene investigation examination.

ElcomSoft’s iOS Forensic Toolkit gives a way to showing exactly how effortlessly passwords/PINs on iOS‐based telephones and tablets can be laughed out loud through iOS adaptation 7.

Here’s how:

  1. Attachment your iPhone/iPod/iPad into your test PC and place it into Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode.

To enter DFU mode, basically control the gadget off. Hold down the Home catch (base focus) and rest

catch (regularly the upper right corner) in the meantime for 10 seconds.

Presently keep holding down the Home catch for an additional 10 seconds.

The cell phone screen goes clear.

  1. Load the iOS Forensic Toolkit by embeddings your USB permit dongle into your test PC and running Tookit.cmd. 

You see the screen appeared in Figure.

  1. Load the iOS Forensic Toolkit Ramdisk onto the cell phone by choosing alternative 2 LOAD RAMDISK. 

Stacking the RAMDISK code permits test PC to speak with the cell phone and run the devices

required for splitting the secret key (in addition to other things).

  1. Select the iOS gadget that is associated, as appeared in Figure. 

I chose choice 14 since I have an iPhone 4 with GSM.

You now observe the toolbox interface with the gadget and affirm an effective load, as appeared in Figure.

You should see the ElcomSoft logo amidst your cell phone’s screen also.

  1. To split the gadgets secret word/PIN, basically select choice 6 GET PASSCODE on the principle menu. 

iOS Forensic Toolkit will incite you to spare the password to a document.

You can press Enter to acknowledge the default of passcode.txt.

The splitting procedure will initiate and, with any luckiness, the password will be found and shown as appeared in Figure.


Along these lines, having no secret word for telephones and tablets is terrible, and a 4‐digit PIN, for example, this is very little better.

Client be careful! Read h4ck0d3r’s instructional exercise on the most proficient method to improve solid passwords for security.

You can likewise utilize iOS Forensic Toolkit to duplicate documents and even split the key-chains to reveal the secret word that ensures the gadget’s reinforcements in iTunes (alternative 5 GET KEYS).

Utilizing ElcomSoft’s iOS Forensic Toolkit to break iOS adaptations 8 and up won’t be very as productive.

For the time being as Apple has at long last begun to truly secure the working framework.

Apple is still not without its imperfections. As of late as iOS 9, there was an adventure that enabled assailants to sidestep the login screen out and out.

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