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How To Build An All-in-one Windows Hacker Machine ?

Exploit Pack

Hello viewers… Ever wondered how to use vulnerabilities to our advantage, It is possible through Exploit Pack…

This Article helps you understand how to use Exploit Pack and use the vulnerabilities of a PC to our advantage

A Professional Hacker Would Generally utilize Linux as a Hacking Platform

Metasploit will keep running on either Windows or in Mac yet it doesn’t Work Well.

A large number of its capacities are non-useful on, for example, a Windows stage.

There are some amazing hacking or pentesting applications that function admirably on Windows :

Another hacking system called Exploit Pack has risen that is stage autonomous.

Exploit Pack

It is open-source and discharged under the GPL permit.

Its free release has more than 350 adventures, while its Pro version has almost 35,000 endeavors.

In spite of the fact that we will be utilizing the free release here, the Pro version costs 300 Euros .

Endeavor Pack is a coordinated domain for performing and leading proficient infiltration tests.

As any apparatus of this sort, it requires some fundamental learning and aptitude in the issue, Exploit Pack has been intended to be utilized by hands-on security experts to help their testing procedure.

With a tiny bit of exertion, anybody can begin utilizing the center elements of Exploit Pack to test in-profound the security of their applications.

As adventure systems go, that is extremely economical.

Endeavor Pack, created by Juan Sacco, is like Metasploit yet written in Java.

Other than its all inclusiveness and simple to-utilize GUI, Exploit Pack enables you to create misuses in your preferred dialect.

Utilizing Exploit Pack may bring about surprising conduct in a few applications.

Until the point when you know about Exploit Writing or the center functionalities, we prescribe to just utilize Exploit Pack against, non-creation situations

How to Install Exploit Pack in Windows

Prerequisites for any working framework:

  • Java 8 SDK
  • Nmap

Download Java 8 SDK specifically from Oracle’s site :

Introduce Nmap in your Computer by downloading it from official site  here

Download Exploit Hack from Git center Repository

After Download Finishes then Un pack it, and double tap on the Jar symbol ( ExploitPack.jar ) or from a reassure, java – jostle “ExploitPack.jar”

First Steps in using Exploit Pack

Before Start Using Exploit Pack, First Thing That We need to do is to design your Preferences

Interpreter path

This will be the default translator you will utilize if the adventure itself does not determine one this one will be chosen by the apparatus.

In the event that you are uncertain about which one to utilize , Python is generally Recommended.

Nmap path and options

Here you need to arrange the full way utilized by Nmap and the coveted alternatives you wish to use inside Exploit Pack

On the two cases, simply tap on the catch “Peruse” and explore until the point that you found the required double at that point click in the event that you wish to.

Tap on “Check” to confirm in the event that it was arranged legitimately. After this progression you should restart Exploit Pack for this progressions to produce results.

Presently , Exploit Hack is arranged appropriately in your System.

In the Above Screenshot we can state that there are modules, tabs and a hunt box, a manager and that’s only the tip of the iceberg..

The Exploits tab and the Module search

This tab will enable you to pick by stage the adventure you require around then.

On the off chance that you re utilizing the open source adaptation without a Pack then you will have a little measure of Exploits something around 400+ modules.

There is additionally a manager you can use to incorporate your claims or import what’s required at the time.

Utilize the pursuit box to channel by name, stage, benefit, cve or any information accessible in the adventure module inclinations.

There is additionally a channel with some fundamental conditions

Target Properties

These are the properties you have to configure for the desired exploit module before executing it

Some of them will get populated directly from the preferences of the exploit, but of course, you can change them for the one you need.

When you feel the choices are set appropriately for that adventure at that point tap on “Spare and Execute” to as the catch claims.

Spare the present adventure if there was any change on it on the editorial manager window and run it utilizing the properties you have arranged.

These are the properties you need to arrange for the coveted adventure module before executing it

Some of them will get populated specifically from the inclinations of the adventure, obviously, you can transform them for the one you require.

When you feel the choices are set appropriately for that adventure at that point tap on “Spare and Execute” to as the catch claims.

Spare the present adventure if there was any change on it on the proofreader window and run it utilizing the properties you have designed.

Using Network Mapper For Adding a Target.

Nmap is an open source apparatus for arrange investigation and security evaluating.

It was intended to quickly filter expansive systems, in spite of the fact that it works fine against single hosts.

  • From the tab choice on the left half of the screen pick the Auxiliary tabs.
  • There the organizer Scanner, tap on Nmap-Scanner to utilize it.
  • After that amidst the screen sort the IP Address/Hostname you wish to check utilizing Nmap.

Tap on the catch Execute Auxiliary and you will hear a female voice saying: New helper conveyed.

Contingent upon the Nmap choices you have utilized this will take seconds or a couple of minutes, likewise your web speed will influence the expediency.

At the point when Scan Finishes, you can see the open ports under Network Scanner

Tap on Tagerts like is appeared in the picture underneath and you will see your new target recorded there, this new information will be utilized for your report as well.

Exploit Pack Built In Editor

This supervisor encourages you create or alter your endeavor code in any dialect.

With sentence structure highlighting, auto consummation, and helpful components like specifically including shell codes, cyclic examples and looking for balances.

This ends up plainly helpful when you have that most recent endeavor you need to attempt and it needs to rapidly be adjusted to the necessities of the focused on condition.

The execution is being handle inside by a System call and the yield will be appeared on the “Investigate Console” that dark screen in the center.

Step by step instructions to get to the autompletion:


furthermore, explore the menu with the bolt keys.

After you have altered your adventure simply tap on the “Spare” catch to store your adjustments in your PC and tap on Execute in the left-base piece of the screen.

Adding a Proxy 

Amid a pentesting we are in the need of utilizing an intermediary server.

For example when you have to access to a test domain and the best way to do through an intermediary!

In Exploit Pack you need to set it up under the inclinations window as should be obvious in the picture beneath:

In PC organizes, an intermediary server is a server that goes about as a mediator for demands from customers looking for assets from different servers.

Creating Reverse Shell

This sort of shells can be made either by running an endeavor and executng a shellcode that associates back to Exploit Pack or by specifically making a paired/py and physically running it in the remote PC.

In the first place choice all the more much of the time utilized will be to acquire this shell trough an adventure , yet in the event that you wish to make it physically , tap on the Reverse shell symbol on the toolbar and take after the wizard.

select your preferred stage and tap on next, set up the incentive for Server to the ones you have on your workstation.

After this is done, you will see the code in Python organize

Furthermore, there are parcel more stuff That we can do with Exploit Pack.

Simply Try out this and Let me Know Your Experience in Comment Section

I Hope this Article  Exploit Pack Helps You and Thank you for reading for this.

Happy Hacking!!!


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