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How To Hack Windows Using BRUTAL ?! : Tutorial

BRUTAL – Windows HID attack toolkit

Many windows users save their credentials locally, like using “remember password”, “save password”. etc…And we can exploit these credentials using a hack shown in Mr.Robot, where Angela Moss steals credentials from a user simply by plugging a USB into the system, this kind of USB is called rubber ducky. USB rubber ducky tells your computer it’s a keyboard, which apparently allows it to deliver a payload. Depending on payload you use, you can get different things. For example, A keylogger will give you passwords.

Brutal is a simple toolkit to create various payload, PowerShell attack, virus attack and launch listener for a Human Interface Device (HID).

The script has been used for security testing to run recon or enumeration scripts, execute reverse shells, exploit local DLL hijack/privilege escalation vulnerabilities, and get all password.



Getting Started:

  1. search for “Brutal+github” on Google
  2. git clone https://github.com/Screetsec/Brutal.git
  3. cd Brutal
  4. Copy and paste the PaensyLib folder inside your Arduino\libraries
  5. chmod +x Brutal.sh
  6. sudo ./Brutal.sh or sudo su ./Brutal.sh

Brutal has many more functions like:

and much more to play with Windows users.

Here is the output file…, you can find it in the output folder of your brutal directory.

The output from brutal is generally a set of “c” code which has to be burnt on USB. When this USB is connected to the system it sends a fast keystroke of commands.

So keep playing prank with Windows user’s, and happy hunting


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