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Binders and Crypters : What They Do And How They Do?



Binders, as the name suggests, are used to bind two objects. Well in our case, it is used to bind two files (of any type) be it an application file, script, or any media file like an image, audio or video file. Binders are the utility (A utility is a software program that provides extra capabilities that are not available with the operating system) that is very crucial for hackers as it provides a medium to send malware is by hiding it inside another file that may seem to be safe and get easily accepted by the users. For example, if one needs to send a virus or a keylogger, he may not be able to send it directly. But if he hides it under a media file or any game that is appreciated by the user, he gets a good opportunity to get his work done very easily.That’s where Binders prove to be very useful.A bound file can also bypass anti-virus detection so the hidden malware doesn’t easily get detected by any anti-virus program.Also, the output file of binders can have any icon and any extension so the visibility of details about parent files can be totally hidden.

Here are some of the file binders available online:

1. Jpg+fileBinder
2. Crime Bind 0.1

Other Binders are:

3. Billar Joiner 2.0
4. Naked Bind 1.0
5. Exe-Joiner
6 .Psycho Binder 1.0
7. Weekend Binder 1.0
8. Nathan Binder
9. Public Crypter 1.1
10. 541’s Binder
11. Fire Binder 1.0
12. Albertino Binder


Crypters too are an important class of software that are used to bypass security checks by anti-virus programs taking forward some malwares to attack a target. It is used to encrypt files so as to hide their real identity. Encryption is generally applied for data security and to prevent it from being misused by any outsider but here encryption is generally applied to hide the details about it malicisity so that the anti-virus program won’t detect it. Encryption is the process of locking the data which could then only be accessed using a security key. Unencrypted data code is plain text and encrypted data code is cypher text.Since the security key is not available in the antivirus program, it doesn’t get to figure out the malware inside that file.A crypter generally takes us the binary code of a primitive file and then a number of encryptions are applied to it so gives a new code as output and since this doesn’t resemble with that of primitive one, it is disguised as some new file.

Some of the Crypters that are available online are:

1. Chrome Crypter

2. Ocrypter

3. Kaser Crypter

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