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20 Best Hacking Movies You Should Watch in 2019

20 Best Hacking Movies of all time

Movies have been an inspiration since forever, but have you ever watched a movie and wondered, ’Wow!  Hacking skills like that and one might just as well do anything”. Well although hackers have saved the day in many movies, and these days there is at least one techie guy (or a girl) in the team , here are listed the top hacking movies that revolve around hacking and are a must watch if you think you could be the next Q for some James Bond.

20 Best Hacking Movies Not To Miss Out

1. The Matrix

top best hacking movies - the matrix

IMDB Rating 8.7

A science fiction cyberpunk movie, TheMatrix based on a hacker being a protagonist, who unveils a surreal simulated reality where powerful machines tend to dominate human population. The movie was further made into a trilogy, followed by The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions

2. Mr. Robot (TV Series)

top best hacking movies - mr. robot

IMDB Rating 8.2

Although not a movie but this series stays true to the “hacker genre” we are looking for. It is based on a social anxiety struck and depression suffering cyber security engineer who is hired by “Mr Robot” to hack into one of the largest group of corporations.

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3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

hacking movies 2018

IMDB Rating 7.8

Based on a book with the same title, this movie is actually a mystery crime thriller where again our hacker friend helps in an investigation to find out about a woman who went missing 40 years ago by hacking into systems to find some evidence.

4. Office Space

hacking movies - office space

IMDB Rating 7.8

Another movie from late nineties, Office Space is one of those movies that our fellow software engineers can connect to quite easily. Tired of their boring job at a firm, a group of three decides to inflict a virus in the system of their company to embezzle small amount of money. Sounds interesting right?

5. The Social Network

best hacking movies - social network

IMDB Rating 7.7

This movie perhaps needs no introduction- we all know it is based on the story behind how our most beloved social networking website, Facebook, was founded and built up. Well where did the founder Mark Zuckerburg start? Well, by hacking into the Harvard Database to create “Facemash”. Not so easy and yet not impossible.

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6. Who am I? No System is safe

who am i ? - top hacking movie

IMDB Rating 7.6

A German cyber thriller movie, released in 2014, WhoamI? Is a brilliantly scripted movie where three hackers come together to form a group with one motive, to gain world fame. They have made use of hacking concepts like “social engineering”, “dumpster diving”, “phishing” and “Trojan horse” to help them. It is a motivational movie for the aspiring hackers perhaps.

7. Live Free or Die Hard

top best hacking movies - live free or die hard

IMDB Rating 7.2

Imagine having to find a hacker who is hacking into every government system and stealing almost everything possible and creating public panic by shutting down the systems, by what? A computer! A movie based on cyber warfare where an ethical hacker helps to fight a genius hacker who only wanted to prove a point- the government systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

8. War Games

top best hacking movies - war games

IMDB Rating 7.1

For the gamer come hacking community out there, this one is for you. This movie came out in 1983, might seem a little old, but the plot can still blow mind. Keen to playing a new game, a school going kid accidentally hacks into a war simulation super computer and might as well start another world war thinking he is just playing a game.

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9. Sneakers

IMDB Rating 7.1

Again an old one dated back to early 90s, Sneakers is a movie revolved around a group of hackers with liberal causes and a very important ‘black box’ that can tend to decrypt almost any computer system. Well, such a powerful device in the hands of masterminds sure leads to an interesting sequence of events, and might even inspire you to develop some code breaker software yourself.

10. The Italian Job

IMDB Rating 7.0

There are two movies with the same title, and has also inspired the Bollywood movie Players, but the plot revolves around one concept.- a gold heist. And how does a group of thieves with gold worth millions carry out the job? Well, the solution is always computers hacking into something and helping them with the escape plan. Although not so much, but the movie seems to be supported by technology.

11. Tron

IMDB Rating 6.8

Cyber fiction can know no limits. Using a Virtual Reality (VR) based concept, this movie is the modern day Alice in Wonderland where a computer programmer tries hacking into a security program “Tron” to find proof of his work, only to be virtually sucked inside the program and made to fight duels with other programs. Well, if you want to know stuff related to what’s inside the program, this movie will give you quite a picture.

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12. Eagle Eye

IMDB Rating 6.6

Imagine receiving instructions from a computer. With Artificial Intelligence with all data being accessible digitally, this thriller movie has a plot that does just the same. From  receiving a phone call with instructions, to being watched and threatened by an intelligent computer, this movie takes super-computing and AI to the next level.

13. Swordfish

best hacker movie - sword fish

IMDB Rating 6.5

“The government steals from you, let’s steal from them” is the choice our Mr. Hacker is given to rebuilt his life. With hacking into a secured government system in a minute at a gun point to stealing millions of black funds, this is a thriller action movie supported on the pillars of technology. Moreover, it’s just a computer worm stealing all that money. Fascinating!

14. Track Down (2000)

top best hack movies - track down

IMDB rating 6.3

A hacker hacking into a hacker’s system- well not surprising for the plot of another cyber space based action thriller. Based on a book that is said to have been inspired on a true story of Kevin Mitnick, this movie shows a lot of hacking as two of the greatest hackers are set off to chase each other. This movie presents a geeky history about hacking, one can say.

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15. Hackers

best hacking movie - hackers

IMDB Rating 6.2

Released in 1995, this movie is again blaster out of the old box that you would like to give a watch. It portrays a group of ingenious kids when it comes to computing and hacking is just piece of cake for them and how that knowledge without being channeled can prove dangerous. From duels to some serious cyber crimes, this movie is filled with some curious HACKERS.

16. Untraceable

untraceable - best hacking movies

IMDB Rating 6.2

A cold blooded psychopath and serial killer who murders based on the response on his fail proof website killwithme.com. providing live streaming to his audience. It is a horrid movie where the killer just happens to be tech savvy and is difficult to trace like in any other suspense thriller.

17. The Fifth Estate

top best hacker movie - the fifth estate

IMDB Rating 6.2

Well, one must say, movies based on true incidents are always welcome. The FifthEstateis based on WikiLeaks – a famous news leaking websites that finds documents like no other. All the classified information and intelligence documents that are usually not accessible to general public are made available on the website by the journalist with the help of a hacker who digs up the information.

18. The Net

best hacker movies - the net

IMDB Rating 5.9

A geeky computer programmer living in solitude finds top secret disk to unlock computer security system, stumbles upon government secrets and spirals down losing her entire identity, only to regain it using some computer skills. Well not bad a plot for a two decade old movie. An action thriller that portrays technical skills, and unveils cyber terrorists and yes, taking some help of a hacker, is a good option to watch.

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19. BlackHat

blackhat - best hacking movie

IMDB Rating 5.4

Black Hat, is another thriller that involves hacking and focuses on cyber warfare and computer espionage. Well clearly this is one of those movies where computers control most of the actions and come to aid to prevent a major disaster and help tracking down the bad guys with destructive minds. While the plot didn’t gain so much popularity, the concept of cyber war, security and hacking were portrayed quite well.

20. Algorithm: The Hacker Movie

best hacking movies - algorithmIMDB Rating 4.8

A feature techno- thriller involves the usual cliché plot- a freelancer hacker discovering government’s mysterious computer program. Little thrill and some technology play , this movie can be given a try if you want to watch something close to hacking.

That’s all folks, best hacking movies, as promised. There are a ton of other techno-sci-fi movies where there is atheist one long term hacker who hacks into everything, and maybe things like this inspire you to try harder, but do remember, hacking is still illegal.


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