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Hey there! 🙂 Welcome to HackeRoyale.

The central theme of this website is to contribute to the hacking community.

Since then, the scope of the site and line of business itself grew.

The goal is simple: by placing ourselves in the position of both black, grey, and white-hat hackers, we are able to locate vulnerabilities, inform our visitors, and help make the Internet a safer place. You see, those that are the role of the “defender” have to get it right, each and every time. Hackers… only have to get it right once. 

More often than not, most users don’t believe that they can be hacked. Further, they don’t believe it will happen to them. Its something that happens to other companies, or other people.

Our goal is to provide visitors with the basics of hacking, coupled with some practical know-how. Perhaps by seeing it on the screen, you will see that it is indeed possible, and everyone will start taking security and anti-hacker countermeasures more seriously.

We strive to provide genuine information. If you find any of our content to be out of date, or otherwise incorrect – we care more about accuracy and relevance. In short: let us know.

Please continue to visit the site, and keep us up to date with what you’re doing.

For any inquiries, you can contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for your time today.


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