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15 Ways To Be an Effective People Person [Top People Skills You need]

15 Ways to be an Effective People Person [Top People Skills You need]

How to be a social person? What are the top people skills you need? Read these 15 ways to be an effective people person now!

Do you have a friend/colleague/relative or do you know a person in your life who becomes a favorite person of most of the people she meets?

This article deals with some of the best 15 ways to be an effective people person.

If yes, then you have a real-life example of an effective people person. You can easily define a ‘people person’ by looking at them and their characteristics.

In simple words, a people person is someone who has a personality which affects the people around her in a positive way, and that makes her the most likable figure in the whole environment.

It is not necessary to be excellent at studies, to possess extraordinary intelligence quotient, to be rich, to get inherited beauty from your parents or to be a style icon to become an effective people person.

What do you require then?

15 Ways To Be an Effective People Person

Well, an effective people person is a blend of many properties which we will be discussing in the following points. These points explain the skills that are vital to becoming an effective people person. Let’s start:

Note: The order of the points doesn’t symbolize any ranking or significance of the skills. All the points are equally crucial.

Intelligent but Emotionally

You don’t need IQ as mentioned earlier; you need EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Emotional intelligence is defined as the capacity of a person to be aware of her emotional state and how well she handles the interpersonal relationship judiciously.

People who are more stable emotionally help themselves and others in breaking the emotional barriers which may hinder their growth and performance. A people person understand emotions of others.

He has the ability to connect emotionally with others.

Communication is the Key

A practical people person is at her best when she speaks. So, every people person has excellent communication skills. They are confident and fluid with their language.

Do you remember any moment in your life when you got impressed with a salesperson who was not fluent while talking about a product?

Yes, I’m comparing an effective people person with a salesperson. The reason is, people person are so good at communication that they develop an ability to persuade people. A Salesperson too has a job to persuade people to buy a product.

So, work on your communication skills preferably on a language which is common around you among people.

Communication is not only restricted to the verbal communication. You should connect to people over social media and interact without breaching their privacy.

communication is the key image

Never Lose Patience

An effective people person is calm and patient. Stress is everyday in everyone’s life, but your personality is defined by the way you deal with the stress.

It is highly possible that certain things don’t get executed as per a decided plan. The worse scenarios may give you the opposite result. Panicking is an expected reaction from a regular person, but a patient person within a group may help other to keep them composed in such scenarios.

An effective people person has an impactful personality. His characteristics cause others in getting better at whatever work they take up with that person. Hence, you’ve to be patient in unfavourable conditions.

Honesty with transparency is the Best Policy

When we discussed an effective people person earlier, we used a word ‘likable’.

Do you like a person who lies to you? Or, would you like a person who you think is lying to you?

There are two aspects of honesty. You may be honest with people, but it is not necessary that people think that you’re honest.

Hence, transparency is vital with honesty. Share the work with people that you do. Tell them about how you completed a job or related stuff. Invite your friends or colleagues for help or feedback.

Be a Listener

You have two ears and one mouth that means, listen more and speak less. You should know the difference between hearing and listening to people.

Listening includes processing of the information which you gain from the words of the speaker.

The speaker expects active responses from an active listener. You have to be good at communication too.

Every person is right in her perspective. An effective people person listens to other perspectives and accepts ideas of others which are better and beneficial at large.

Accepting others’ ideas boosts self-confidence in people and encourage them to think in their way, making them more innovative.

good listener

Judge like a King

In ancient times, during the era of Kings and Kingdoms. People cheered Kings who had excellent judgement skills. The subjects of the Kingdom relied on the wisdom of their king in cases of disputes. A king is a people person.

If you want to be an effective people person, then you should gain the wisdom of a king. You should be able to analyse cases from all aspects before making your decision.

In rare situations where taking a decision becomes extremely difficult, you should have the confidence to believe in your guts.

Spread Smiles

A good sense of humour is always attractive. This is one of the most effective 15 ways to be an effective people person.

What do you understand by ‘sense of humor’?

‘Sense of humor’ is different from being funny. Telling a joke can be funny which may be out of the context of a conversation or sometimes highly imaginative.

‘Sense of humor’ is about not taking everything too seriously and see the humor in imperfections of life and things around.

An effective people person carries a smile and spreads it wherever she goes. She helps others in realizing that life is unpredictable and this unpredictability is consistent for all.

Everyone cherishes a calm and happy environment and responsible people for such an environment.

Morale Booster

A people person always uplift other people around him. There are many ways to boost the morale of a worker. A few words of appreciation may do wonders in the performance of a worker.

What is more important to motivate others is to keep your ego aside while talking to people. Listen to them, their issues, ask questions and then encourage them to take the right steps. The fear of failure restricts most of the people from initiating their work.

Talk about your failures, share other real-life examples, appreciate their skills and previous work to boost their confidence. Boosting morale is not a one time job that you can do instantly as a people person.

An effective people person does this job periodically, keeps an eye on the progress, keeps talking about the work with the concerned person and consistently gives doses of motivational pills when needed.

Helping Others is Helping Yourself

Do you expect your friend to help you in your assignment after completion of his job?

Favouring people and helping them are the most common skills of an effective people person. Helping others is helping ourselves – you get return favour. Moreover, you get to learn a lot of new things.

Helping people involves listening to the problem, getting the instructions and performing the required task as per the satisfaction of the person you’re helping. You accept ideas of others and work on them.

Peace Keeper

There may arise a conflict of thoughts or processes where there are many people involved. In such cases, effective people person act as a peacekeeper. Thus maintaining productivity with a dignity of friendliness.

An effective people person act as an adhesive which keeps a group of people together. The trust of the people person act as a bridge between groups with different views.


You may have a set of values that you follow. At times, you have to be flexible with those values to be an effective people person.

The most common example, drinking. Some people don’t drink periodically or at all. They do drink if an occasion requires a party hosted by a business partner or senior.

Too much rigid values may cause harm to relationships with other people. It is essential to keep a balance between what you want and what others expect from you.

This proves to be one of the best 15 ways to be an effective people person.

Body Language (A must to be a people’s person)

Lousy body, dull and sad face is unattractive to a person of every age. You feel happy when you feel energetic. How do you feel energetic?

When you eat the right food with regular work out plans, your body gets in shape.

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

An effective people person has his head high, open shoulders, erect back, eye contact with a bright smile on the face. Listen to lively music, get enough sleep, healthy diet are some of the tips that you can follow to keep you active throughout the day.

Your body tells a lot about your personality. E.g. you can’t individually meet everyone at a party, so how do you introduce yourself?

In such cases where your mouth can’t tell much about you, your body speaks. So, watch your body language to become an effective people person.

body language should be good


Problem Solver

Life is full of challenges in different forms. But there are two kinds of people when it comes to problem-solving skills, those who step up and face the challenge, and those who seek help from others.

An effective people person not only solves her problems but also makes it easier for people to tackle challenges. You can develop effective problem-solving skills by the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’.

No matter how big a problem is, it seems small if broken into chunks. Distribute these small chunks of problems to open-minded people, identify objectives, discuss strategies with every member of the team, involve all and execute plans.

An effective people person is the best choice when an issue involves a large number of workers. This brings us to the next skill that you should develop to become an effective people person.

Leader of All

Some people are born leader, but such people are not great in number. Mostly people make themselves leader by learning from their seniors, experiences and wisdom.

Who is a great leader?

The one who sets examples and leads from the front. You will have to develop the qualities of a leader where it won’t matter how much you know but how much you do, to become an effective people person.

Leaders are the responsible figure of a group, like an engine of a train. The direction and the speed of the train depend on the engine; other coaches merely follow the engine. When the engine stops delivering good performance, people start looking for a replacement.

Hence, it is vital to understand that leader not only directs, but she herself also perform equally with her team for better results. Be a people’s leader to become an effective people person.

Be a Gentleman (Imp. for being a people’s person)

A gentleman is polite, well mannered, groomed and always well-dressed. There is not a defined appearance in any book to become a gentleman. Your attitude towards yourself and others is crucial.

A gentleman is a package which contains bits of all the characteristics we have already discussed above. The most appropriate word associated with ‘Gentleman’ is respect. A gentleman pays respect to people around him and gains respect from other by his deeds.

Act maturely, don’t hesitate to talk to new people, be hygienic, keep your promises, return the favour and be original. Remember to follow these golden rules to become a gentleman.

These were some of the best 15 ways to be an effective people person.


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